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  1. Tesoro metal detectors?

    What like some info abot these detectors nd what makes them so great. Also compared to VDI display detectors. thanks
  2. Tips for getting tellers to order half dollors for you every week. help

    hello im new to coin roll hunting. Me and my daughter started messing around with getting pennies to look for wheats etc.. have gotten a few halves only like 10-$20 i want to really kick it up and be able to be going through boxes every week. What are some tips to breaking the ice to inform the...
  3. Video on Whitescoin master unboxing and beginner gear I use

    Just a short clip of a unboxing of my new whites coinmaster. This a great machine and I can already tell a huge difference compared to my BH tracker $ i used to have. I also show some of the basic beginner gear I use to hunt. Rate, comment, and subscribe. Enjoy
  4. Digging Plugs in FLorida. Help

    Ive been watching some videos where people cut out a nice plug and it stays nicely together and closes back nice. Thats not the case here in FL. The roots are very very tough and the soil is sandy. So when you finllay cut the plug and lift the plug ends up falling apart. Any techniques for...
  5. Bounty Hunter Tracker IV Sensitivity question

    I own this dectector also. raising the sensitivity from what I have seen does not increase depth. sometimes the dectector reaches further because of the ground conditions. If the ground is moist the dectector tends to reach deeper. A quarter is much bigger that say a dime so its going to be able...
  6. Garrett Ace 150 vs Whites Coinmaster ??? help

    These 2 seem very similar to me out between these 2 fellow hunters. Please give the pros and cons or as well as own suggestions. Thanks
  7. Different size coils? Help

    that thing whould detect over my front yard in 3 swipes lol Yea that would get heavy after sweeping hundreds of times
  8. Different size coils? Help

    Hello fellow hunters just had a question about different size coils for metal detecting. I use the bounty hunter tracker IV with the basic stock 8" coil. I noticed that they also make a 4" and 10" coil. Wanted to know some pros and cons about these. The the 4" golder digger one looks interesting...
  9. Sand scoop needs a handle. Help

    Thank you all for your help and ideas especially Tom in CA for the awesome ideas and even better the pictures. This is a interesting idea. Im the kind that likes to get into projects like this. Ofcourse the easiest fix would be to go and buy a new scoop. Im trying to work with what i have for...
  10. Sand scoop needs a handle. Help

    Hello fellow hunters had a question. I have a metal sand scoop that was given to me as a present. Its the metal type with holes with a handle on the top but not a pole type handle.Just a handle to hold the scoop. Its galvanized metal so it is very strong. My quesiton is if anyone has any ideas...
  11. Bounty Hunter Tracker IV Help Wanted

    Hello just wanted some help from my fellow treasure hunters thats have used the BH tracker IV. I have just started to use this machine seeing i am new to the hobby. I am learning to adjust to it seeing that the screen in not digital i have done some tests with different items in order to adjust...
  12. Point me to the right pinpointer to start

    I quickly found out that I am going to need a pinpointer when metal detecting in soil. I am a newb learning the ropes. I have a bounty hunter tracker IV now im looking for a pinpointer. I know about the Garrett pinpointer pro but its just way out of my price range. I dont want to pay more for a...
  13. Open for suggestion about metal dectecing

    Never thought of that. Thanks!!!
  14. Open for suggestion about metal dectecing

    I live in Port St Lucie. Ironically called "The Treasure Coast" lol
  15. Open for suggestion about metal dectecing

    Hello im fairly new to metal detecting and im open for any and all suggestions. I picked up the hobby because me and my 5 year daughter love thrill of hunting for treasure. we have done coin roll hunting so this was the next best thing. My wife currently just bought me a detector for my...