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  1. 417 Relic Hunters to Change Meeting Location

    Club President Steve Russell informed us we were not able to keep our current meeting location. Due to the possible sale of the church and a scheduling conflict with one of the church groups we have to find a new meeting site. Steve had informed us of this possibility several months ago and had...
  2. Helped out a friend today.

    Thats awesome Tim... Great Job!
  3. 417 Relic Hunters-FREE METAL DETECTING 101 Class

    we are pumped.. I really think its going to be a lot of fun!
  4. 417 Relic Hunters-FREE METAL DETECTING 101 Class

    Press Release Who: 417 Relic Hunters-Springfield Missouri Metal Detecting Club What: Free Metal Detecting 101-The Basics of Metal Detecting Costs: Free. NO CHARGE. $0.00 When: March-August. Once a month class starting March 3, 2009. Ends August 4, 2009 Where: New Beginnings Fellowship Church...
  5. 2009 Feb. Meeting-417 Relic Hunters, Springfield Missouri Metal Detecting Club

    We had a great meeting on the 3rd. 32 people attended (record). We talked about the new meeting format and our upcoming Metal Detecting 101 class which we are going to open up to the public for free. If you are in SW Missouri, you should really try and attend. Also, big thanks to the group from...
  6. 417 Relic Hunters Christmas Party-Springfield Missouri Metal Detecting

    We would love to have you? You should have gotten some additional information when you signed up or Yahoo... but if not, just go to the files section and look for visitor packet. That should give you lots of information. You really need to come. We have two guys in our club that are very...
  7. 417 Relic Hunters-2009 Logo

    Just thought I would share with all clubs our updated 2009 Logo. We are really making an effort in 2009 to focus on community training to help grow our club. Good Luck to All!
  8. 417 Relic Hunters Christmas Party-Springfield Missouri Metal Detecting

    Tim.... you had some pics... resize them and post them!
  9. 417 Relic Hunters Christmas Party-Springfield Missouri Metal Detecting

    Another great year at 417 Relic Hunters. We ended with a great party and some neat awards at Golden Corral the other night. Here are a few pics to celebrate. [attachment deleted by admin]
  10. Calling Mo-Kan, 417 and the STL

    Sounds good, there is also a good club down in the West Plains area where some guys might be interested. I will start passing the buzz around at our Christmas party in December!
  11. Please Identify

    One of our members found this big key.... Decorative or something actually used to unlock something... To me looks like the Mayberry Jail Key.. Thanks for the help!
  12. 417 Relic Hunters 1st Annual Club Hunt

    Our first official club hunt is just around the corner on May 17. We would love to have you attend. If you never have done one before its fun and easy. Various targets are buried at minimal depths for you to rush through and find. Then, there are lots of prizes to be won. All skill levels have a...
  13. Most CW lead in one hunt!!!

    That Washington Arsenal is just awesome! Congrats!
  14. 3/16/2008 Father and Son Finds (417 Relic Hunters)

    March 16, 2008 My father and I finally obtained permission to detect a house we have been watching for a couple of years now.......and TODAY we got the chance to go. Not a bad day.. Dad found a '46 Rosie, a wheatie and several new coins (he actually found more than I did almost 2 to 1 in new...
  15. Sunday Afternoon Finds-Father and Son CW Finds and More

    Dad ran the 12, I ran the bigfoot... i found the three ringer not too far from that East road... about 10 yds from the road about in the middle.
  16. 417 Relic Hunters March Meeting

    It was a great meeting... here are some more pics! 417 Relic Hunters (THE Springfield Missouri Metal Detecting Club)
  17. Sunday Afternoon Finds-Father and Son CW Finds and More

    Wow, an open window and great weather. Hard to come by in my life right now but it happened Sunday afternoon. With momma and the kids napping and then going to a birthday party, I sent my dad a message and said we need to be swinging somewhere this afternoon. We hooked up about 1:30pm and...
  18. 2-09-08 Civil War finds, Tsgman

    Great Photos and Great finds buddy! Glad you were out..... You are going to have to build on an extra room at your house just to keep all your stuff.. You can call it the: TSGMAN Detector Finds Museum or something.. Maybe we can get you on the National Registry! See ya bud Chris 417 Relic...
  19. Springfield Missouri Metal Detecting Club, Southwest Missouri Metal Detecting

    Re: Springfield Missouri Metal Detecting Club, Southwest Missouri Metal Detectin Check out this link!,139551.0.html