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  1. Bunch of neat brass finds! Any guesses on dates?

    Jealous of your great finds! Congrats!
  2. Who Says Colonial Shoe Buckles Aren't Sexy!

    If you only got one signal, that is the one you want!!! Congrats on a great buckle!
  3. Today's farm finds

    Also found them boycotted by the railway workers 1896.
  4. Today's farm finds

    Thank you all! It really was a fun day! In researching the Losse button I found an ad. Maybe they weren't all poor farmers here!
  5. Not much today.

    Love the button! Congrats on your great finds!
  6. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

    Stellar find! Congrats!!
  7. Rusty history

    Cool door trolley! Congrats!
  8. First Indian Head in Massachusetts

    Nice Indian! Can't wait to see what else you find!
  9. Dumb luck but Iโ€™ll take it

    Congrats on your silver, gold and diamonds! Nice ring!
  10. Today's farm finds

    I think the oldest of the bunch is the WC Co. Sure Shot. 1898 -1914 I believe. Locally made too so I love it!
  11. Quick hunt before the storms roll in

    Glad you got some beeps in! Getting out is half the fun!
  12. White whale found

    The silver Washington was my husband's white whale for a couple years and then he found 2 in a week! They aren't very plentiful around here.
  13. Todayโ€™s treasure! ๐Ÿ˜†

    Such cool finds and great pics! Love the castle!
  14. A few treasures today

    Nice Barber! I wish I could find more bale seals! I think they are cool!
  15. 1930โ€™s Manoil NY Toy Zeppelin Car

    Congrats on the awesome car! It's still in such good shape!
  16. Today's farm finds

    We got out to the farm today and dug SO many holes. Got some buttons and some nice old head stamps we didn't have and a nice Indian. Got a Model T key and a LOT of iron. Not all shown. Does anyone know if the M CO. Button is military or not? Not finding much. Had a great day and so tired...
  17. Not bad for 174 years old

    Love the watch winder! Congrats!
  18. A Very Nice Silver Pocket Spill

    Congrats on your silver spill!
  19. Ornate saddle pommel, watch winders and sash buckle, LC, IHP, & relics

    Congrats on your great finds!!
  20. ๐Ÿ† HONORABLE MENTION Gold ring, but cannot keep

    Congrats on finding your friends ring! I'm sure he is very happy!