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  1. need tips for buying a scale

    Tare means you can put say a cup on the scale and push the tare button to zero the scale again when looking for net weight. The small pocket scales are fine for most people back in the day they were pricey I use a AMW pocket scale that works fine...
  2. Garrett ProPinpointer going bad ?

    The button does tend to be an issue, send it back to Garrett they know of the problem. :thumbsup:
  3. newbie would like input

    The Detector Pro Wader, Garrett AT Pro, would both work fine. The Sandshark being a PI machine is good but as a newbie you may give up with it's lack of discrimination.
  4. what chemical to leach concret

    Muriatic acid :thumbsup: That would be the safe way to go as it is water soluble to neutralize after. To speed things up you could use a stronger acid but then handling it becomes an issue.
  5. Garrett Pro Pointer-Nevermind, for now. Im gonna hold onto it.

    Never hurts to have a backup. :thumbsup:
  6. Please help on new detector..

    Post your question in the Detector Brands area. :thumbsup:
  7. Fisher CZ-20/21 vs. Minelab Sovereign GT

    I have both and use the CZ-21 for diving, on the beach the SOV hands down can't be beat in VLF . Dan :thumbsup:
  8. Garrett AT Pro v. Detectorpro Wader

    I have both machines, I give Garrett full points for putting out a VID unit and I like mine for rain hunting the higher frequency is nice. Having to use a pigtail adapter to use other headphones was a bit annoying. The Wader I've used for a few years now and has always been good even in dry...
  9. Any predictions for August 2011?

    I think the US is in for a long rough ride one that may change the nation for good. With both political camps far apart on the direction forward there are only bandage solutions. Cut programs to deal with the debt say's one :dontknow: 14.3 trillion on the backs of those who can least afford it...
  10. Nautalis vs. T2

    I've used both but I'm not clear that there is a way to compare them, the T2 is a fast processor turn on and go much the same as the F75. The Nautilus gives the user much more control and in the right ground is hard to beat, except maybe the E-Trac. The fine controls on power and the ability to...
  11. What is a good way to clean my finds?

    Muriatic acid removes rust, its used for pickling steel.
  12. Sandshark,Excal, CZ21

    I've used all three, the Sandshark is both deep & stable is saltwater but with no discrimination digging everything. I use the CZ-21 most of the time, but still like the Excal for depth, dry beach hunting I go with the Sov. :thumbsup:
  13. AT Pro-VS G2

    I believe the only real difference between the G2 & Goldbug is the screen font on the Goldbug is larger good for us old guy's. They have the same circuit workings. If the question is AT Pro v either of the above I'd say the above G2 or Goldbug. Dan :thumbsup:
  14. Help with repairs on Vibra Probe 560

    I had one once that did that turns out moisture had gotten in and shorted the circuit. At the time they repaired it, today I'd say it's toast. :thumbsup:
  15. Tiger Shark vs Sea Hunter II for freshwater scuba diving detecting

    You posted in the wrong place, I'm sure if you post in the right place someone will offer an opinion :thumbsup:
  16. Hookah dive system

    Hi birdman I've been using an electric powered Hookah for a few years now. I use a unit from Australia, My unit called for a 35 amp battery I took the holder out and put a 68 amp battery in AGM type. I'm good for 2.5 hours of down time...
  17. Need Help Finding my Gold wedding band in regina saskatchewan

    Sent you a pm. Dan :thumbsup:
  18. Cheapest AT Pro Price??

    The bigger issue is she is still working and I'm retired. :laughing7:
  19. AT Pro Scrubbing The Coil Test

    Good to hear that. I just got my AT Pro and took it out no issues at all. Dan :thumbsup:
  20. Truly Affordable Hookah Dive System Anyone Can Afford (How To Instructions)

    What you describe can work fine for the experienced scuba person, but for a newbie looking for a cheap way to get into Hookah its far safer to go with a professional setup. There is also the cost of a BCD and weights that are necessary to crawl along the bottom. The finds more than offset the...