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  1. Excalibur II - waterproof grease at battery connection?

    yep plummers silicone grease on the rubber washer (both sides) and on the threads as well.
  2. Need help With GT coils

    i like all the Sun Ray coils.they are lighter than stock coils and just as deep. the S8 is hard to beat for tight areas..and i love the S12 on the beach!
  3. Sov GT - 8 inch Slimline versus 10 inch

    ya get about 2" more coverage and about 2" more depth with the 10"...but the 8" is a little better to pin point with and better target seperation and a bit lighter.
  4. Excal straight shaft

    i tried the behind the elbow mount and the Anderson over n under .still too heavy for me.this is the set up i like the best.
  5. What is a Wot coil ? iv bought 2 from Doc's.they are a good coil but very heavy.i like the S12 made by Sun Ray much better.i get same depth with less weight.
  6. Explain please

    got mine off Ebay last year..there are a few on there now..i also have a Tide watch that works quite well..
  7. pots

    tone pot for the GT
  8. Explain please

    just get ya one of these and you are set! works great.
  9. SOV GT Coil

    iv bought 5 new ones and prob 8 used...i might have been lucky but i never got a bad one. i think if you shop around you can get a new one for around $800.00 and i always feel better with a warranty even if iv never had to use it. to me if it were the diff of $200 id go for the new one with a...
  10. Reale?

    got this one last year.
  11. Excalibur 1000 for gold detecting

    iv had 6 Excal's and about all of them would pick up BB size gold earing back or studs.i dont think they would pick up thin flake gold.but nuggets the size of a bb at about 4" deep should be no problem. on the beach i think they are the best you can buy there ability to null on iron will save...
  12. WTB Excal must be 8" coil

    Re: WTB Excal must be 8" coil bought a new one!
  13. WTB Excal must be 8" coil

    Re: WTB Excal must be 8" coil well here ya never know from day to day about the high surf..i think there was only 4 days last year it was calm..and as sure as i dont have a water detector this year it will be calm 50% of the time. also lately iv really had hip pain after i walk about 1 mile...
  14. WTB Excal must be 8" coil

    WTB Excal must be 8" coil thanks DD
  15. question on coil wire

    does anyone know how to make the coil wire strait again after it has been wrapped around the shaft and retains the coils like a set of headphones? i hip mount everything and like the coil wire to be strait not coiled up like a telephone wire.
  16. Looking at Minelab to upgrade my Whites Dual Field PI and Tesoro Tiger Shark

    for me the best wet sand detector iv owned is the Sovereign and S12 coil...Excal's are good if you think you will ever go in the water.also the Fisher CZ21 w 10" coil is good. iv found the Sovereign to be deeper than the CZ's (owned 6 of them) and Excal's (owned 6 of them also). i just sold a...
  17. Fisher cz5 quicksilver

    one of the best CZ's they ever made!

    iv seen them for sale so they must work,dont know how good?
  19. 5 rings in 2 days then nothing!

    i had not found a ring in 3 weeks then 12/6 i found 3. went back next day same spot and found 2. went back yesterday same spot and found 0...i guess the well ran dry! funny thing this is a small spot maybe 50' long between 2 cement sea walls. in one spot the size of a ping pong table i dug 35...
  20. FS NEW Explorer Se Pro SOLD!

    Re: FS NEW Explorer Se Pro Reduced to $850.00!