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  1. minelab rally ireland

    was at the minelab rally in ireland on the weekend and it was a real fun well organised even , well done to all involved , have a look hope you enjoy :tongue3:
  2. Crotal bell

    nice little bell :thumbsup:
  3. Can you Painter your Pointer?

    get a rattle can of plastic primer spray that on first dry with hairdryer and then apply orange this will make the paint grip to the plastic and should wear a lot better without it paint would scratch off 8-)
  4. Billion dollars wreck

    i watched 1st epesode and lost interest
  5. My first eagle button and belt buckle !!!!

    nice few bits well done :thumbsup:
  6. Buttons galore

    well done great haul :thumbsup:
  7. Another Deus at the beach

    nice few bits well done
  8. $5 DIY Screen Protector for E-Trac

    cool well done and thanks for sharing
  9. Dowsing

    how can you tell that?
  10. luck of the irish

    my latest video using xp deus finds 3 hammered coins and gold brooch of two different fields
  11. 10k gold ring

    thats a cracking find , well done :thumbsup:
  12. Half Groat Cleaned

    nice coin and in good condition too , well done :thumbsup:
  13. New Detector

    well done nice little haul :thumbsup:
  14. At pro feedback ....nel storm coil

    its supposed to be a great coil
  15. Cave finds

    could be something there worth a good scout
  16. Dutchmans Lost Mine

    interesting stuff there was a program on history channel i think about it
  17. Todays Hunt In the Ruins

    cool looking place 8-)
  18. What a few trips of MDing looks like when you dig everything...

    wow a lot of digging there :thumbsup:
  19. Treasure Map

    they could possibly find something in season 22 or 23 :laughing7: