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  1. <Finally> 12th Annual Treasure Hunters Cookout

    just moved back to FL so missed it this year but will be there in 2023!
  2. Hello from Germany

    Schoenen Wilkommen. Love the pictures and hope you post more of your finds. I lived in Pirmesans, Karlsruhe and Germersheim. I didnt treasure hunt but my Uncle did and he found lots of cool items. One thing he found was some kind of huge viking ring of some sort, at least that is what he said it...
  3. My band and a few pics of me

    I had a thing for Ace. lol
  4. Wiping the Drool off the keyboard....

    Hi and welcome! So jealous your moving to Wyoming. I have never been but heard there are nice cowboys up there. lol. Lots of history too so good luck hunting for treasure and fishing.
  5. Hello from downunder

    G'day and welcome! Did you get a detector yet??
  6. Smalltown girl from TX !

    Hi! You look like your 12 years old and holding a can of beer. lol
  7. Way more better mug shot

    Nice picture, looks like your posing in front of a fake backdrop. Beautiful.
  8. Newer pic

    Nice!! Happy hunting!
  9. WW2 Plane crash site nere Yuma

    Ahhh! ok and yes Im a newbie. Thanks! Malady
  10. WW2 Plane crash site nere Yuma

    So does that mean if I find a 1950 coin I have to put it back where I found it? Whats the point of MDing then? Malady
  11. Arizona Treasures Unlimited, Inc. (Phoenix)

    Hi, I just moved to AZ and looking forward to some happy hunting. I went to a couple of TNET outings in Florida when I was there. Good times and good friends, hoping to create some here as well. I am not familiar with the AZ legends but am reading the post made on here to get some info. I hope...
  12. N.W. Ariz THunt , Wanta go ?

    Re: N.W. Ariz T'Hunt , Wanta go ? Hi all, I participated in TNet hunts in Florida and now I just relocated to Phoenix area and am really excited about all the treasure legends here. I know there is quite alot. I have been reading about panning etc and would love to try it since I never had. I...

    maybe this spring/summer, ill be able to meet up and watch and learn what you guys do and help in anyway. malady
  14. old florida railroad track??

    Hi there, Yes it is Green Pond, in fact I was near there last weekend end on the van fleet bike trail. I havent been to the tracks though lately where I found the old railroad spikes. Let me know when your in the area and I can try to work it where we can be there too. malady
  15. Odyssey Marine Article...

    pretend the land across from my house is international land... I heard there was lots of buried artifacts and treasure there and have done alot of research and finally one day, i found it!!! I took what i could so i can protect it but dont want to tell anybody about it because everyone will...

    Im speechless!! aahh one day! malady

    Thats awesome he found that this morning. There is more down there that goes with it! Would like to see it after it is cleaned up! have fun and be safe. Hopefully Ill get out there soon. malady
  18. Horse harness and six shooter?

    Yes I should agree about the gun. But what the heck was it then. I looked at how the electrolisis machine is made but too afraid to try that. ha. About the harness, I have looked online to try to find any images of one and havent found one yet. Does anyone know where is the best place to look or...
  19. Horse harness and six shooter?

    Here are more pictures from today after I cleaned them up as much as I could. The one that looked like a gun to me kind of broke apart. I used some WD-40 on them because I read it on another thread that you could to disolve some of the rust.
  20. Horse harness and six shooter?

    It doesnt look like a gun because i have the pieces positioned wrong. ha. but it looked like it to me. still curious though but will get a better idea once the dirt and rust comes off. malady