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  1. Pottery from Goodwill

    Thanks for the reply. I was thinking that would be the answer. In my travels I've seen so many small, local artists producing some beautiful art but they are rarely known outside of their region. I'd love to know who made these pieces but I guess that will probably remain a mystery.
  2. Pottery from Goodwill

    I don't usually buy pottery since I know so little about it but these two pieces stood out to me. Not sure if they are really worth anything or even how old they are. I'm guessing they were made within the last twenty year or so by small, independent artists but I could be wrong. I haven't...
  3. Found in Tenn. WWII U.S. Army training camp

    I'm don't know much about WW2 armament but I keep seeing something called "fin stabilized" armor piercing anti-tank rounds. I haven't really been able to find anything that looks like your finds, though.
  4. Some Sort of Tool?

    This looks really familiar but I can't seem to place it. As soon as it is identified it will be obvious to me, I'm sure. I found it on a property about a mile from the heaviest fighting of a major Civil War battlefield. It's also near a major crossroads that the armies would have used. It could...
  5. What Have You Ever Found WITHOUT the Detector, While Metal Detecting?

    I found a $50 bill just walking down the street one day a few years back and a $20 bill the other day. Mostly I just find pennies and the occasional dime or quarter.
  6. 2020 West Point V75 quarter

    75th Anniversary of the allied victory in WW2. I've never seen that before. I'm going to have to keep an eye out now. Thanks for sharing!
  7. PCGS/NGC Slab Storage

    That looks awesome! Great job! I just started woodworking so building a box like that is something to aspire to.
  8. PCGS/NGC Slab Storage

    I'm just getting back into coin collecting after a 25 year hiatus. Right now I'm focusing on coppers (IHC for now but eventually large cents and colonials). My question is, does anyone know of any quality wooden storage boxes that will fit both PCGS and NGC slabs? I know that the height and...
  9. Civil War Battles and Skirmishes Book

    Thanks for the information. I have used AbeBooks but couldn't find what I was looking for. I actually did find it with some more research, though. If anyone is interested, the title is "When and Where We Met Each Other, On Shore and Afloat: Battles, Engagements, Actions, Skirmishes, and...
  10. Civil War Battles and Skirmishes Book

    When I was a kid I remember finding a series of books that listed every battle, skirmish and campaign during the Civil War with some details about date, army strength, casualties, etc. If I remember right they were printed in the 1920's but the original publication date could have easily been...
  11. French button identification and dating

    I'm wondering if the image on the front is supposed to be the Sun of May:
  12. Lead seal

    Possibly this: Antique Railroad Lead Sealer Values | Antique Railroad Memorabilia
  13. Script letter and maker's mark

    Reminds me of the two logos in the center of this picture.I'm still trying to figure out the automaker, though.
  14. what is this

    This was the first thing that came to my mind, too. Kinda similar to this?
  15. Need help with marbles

    Lost mine a long time ago so I can't really help but here are a couple of websites that talk about marble identification: and
  16. metal sphere, but what is it?

    The very first Poké Ball. Gotta catch 'em all!
  17. B ‘20

    If it's brass then there are quite a few videos on youtube that explain the best techniques. Here's one...