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  1. 1972 DDO 008

  2. Booger and sauce

    Are these considered die breaks? 08 p with some funk on the face
  3. 84 P Double Ear?

    Think i found a double ear. What y’all think? Is it worth anything?
  4. 1979 wide rim?

    Sweet that’s what I thought , you know what it’s worth?
  5. 1979 wide rim?

    Wondering if this is a wide rim looks different to me, Ty
  6. Looking for a shovel

    I love my grave digger nemesis it’s the last shovel you will have to buy
  7. Birmingham fireball and deposited rocky fragments- 17th July 2020

    Cool stuff , watched the vids from the other thread. Hope it’s the real deal or could it be space junk? Anyway would love to hear the result
  8. A specimen worthy of study: (Martian)

    Would love to see that video, sounds unbelievable.
  9. He dug 101 coins in one hour of hunting I found 234 in 2 hours, it?s possible. Course mine was a big sandbox on a playground, here?s the link
  10. Old coin possible ID?

    Interesting so it’s 1600’s? Cool history on the Jetons love this hobby
  11. Old coin possible ID?

    Found in Bavaria, looks like possibly someone seated on the reverse, feels like it may be a copper hammered but not sure, any help is appreciated as always.
  12. Recommend me a decent Sand Scoop/Shovel

    Xtreme X2 with carbon fiber travel handle, love mine built to last
  13. Old silver coin, ID??

    I wish I knew man. I don’t see a date so pre 1500 I’m thinking
  14. Old silver coin, ID??

    Found in western Bavaria along an old 14th century road. I know it?s pretty old but can?t make out an id. Any help appreciated.
  15. Any idea what this could be? Found in Cameron, Missouri area

    Looks like a weathered rock
  16. Medieval coin? And weekend silvers

    Thanks j , yeah I've never seen it again either. Let's go diggin sometime!
  17. Looking for a Deus bundle

    Need the works. Anyone got any reliable sources? Amazon is dry.
  18. Medieval coin? And weekend silvers

    Thanks for the consideration. It's certainly "Hard to find"
  19. Medieval coin? And weekend silvers

    Yeah I had no clue it was a coin either. They are call hohlpfennig in German which means hollow penny. The back is just a reverse of the front as they are meant t be one-sided. It's definitely silver , from my searching it resembles others from the 1400's. Still searching for a match though.
  20. Medieval coin? And weekend silvers

    I didn't know they existed either. If I were not with my digging partner I would have assumed it was a button or decoration. I'm on a German treasure Hunter site, an English one, and tnet, and I've not seen another posted. Elusive little buggers.