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  1. Garrett AT Pro-Depth Gauge

    A few things to keep in mind. First, the depth gauge is "calibrated" for coin targets. Second, soil conditions can make a big difference, even after ground balancing (no ground balance is perfect, especially because ground conditions can change every few feet).
  2. What's the single most important feature on each detector you have?

    Fisher F2 = Its simple controls Vanquish 340 = MIQ AT Max = Ground balancing Garrett Carrot = Simple one-button operation Fisher F-Pulse = Sensitivity and closing/proportional/ratcheting range
  3. Minelab 600 or 800 on Price

    Get the 800, but not for that cheap carry bag. That $200 difference isn't what you think it is. You could sell the wireless module and probably net anywhere from $50 to $70 (or so) after selling costs. So in reality, the difference is just $150 or so. You could also sell the wireless...
  4. Using a Pro-Find 35 without a 9V battery

    It's hard to say. I ended up selling my Pro-Find 35 and keeping my Garrett Carrot due to the ease in which the latter can be modded. Currently, I run this adapter (with a few tweaks) in my Garrett Carrot and it works just fine. Put about a hundred hours on it in real world use and testing and...
  5. New Minelab SDC 2300 Just Arrived ... Disappointed Even Before I Use It

    I believe they're now owned by the private investment firm: Mollenhour Gross.

    If I had a hobby (that wasn't firearms related) and it required me to carry a gun, I'd pick a different hobby or a different place to enjoy my hobby.
  7. Who has the best price on the bundle with both coils?

    Call several online vendors and ask. They can offer prices/deals over the phone they can't advertise online.
  8. Salvage agreement for metal detector?

    This is what I would do. Not saying you should do it, but here's how I would approach this situation. I'd speak with the owner to get the permission. During this process, I'd be reading this person to see whether they're the honorable or greedy and litigious type. I'd only hunt their property...
  9. Salvage agreement for metal detector?

    That was a time when many people were honest and lived by a code of honor and integrity. Now, it's a "what's-in-it-for-me" society.
  10. Salvage agreement for metal detector?

    Exactly. There are so many questions and potential issues. It's best to either ignore them (and feign ignorance) or hire a legal professional to help you CYA. Remember, if you hire an attorney and they miss something, you have a potential legal malpractice claim against them. That's some pretty...
  11. Salvage agreement for metal detector?

    What kind of hunt would warrant such a legal agreement, yet not be worth hiring an actual attorney?
  12. Pin Pointer Question

    Maybe this belongs in a different forum, such as this one: Pinpointers You might be able to get more answers there. However, I have both the Garrett Carrot and the Minelab Pro-Find 35. My opinion of both is that they work great and choosing one over the other comes down to preference over the...
  13. Short Battery Life With AT MAX

    Depends on the battery chemistry and quality of cell. Sanyo/Panasonic Eneloops are rated for 2,000+ cycles (most versions. Some of the higher performing types are rated at 500 cycles or so).
  14. Release Of Garrett New Machine Getting Closer........

    It's already been said by others, but I'm going with the idea of an upgrade Ace-level detector that's waterproof. It might even be mutli-frequency, too. But won't be using tech as advanced as Multi-IQ. I'm guessing any multi-frequency feature will be more of a marketing gimmick. My second...
  15. US Supreme Court rules against Fayetteville videographer in pirate ship lawsuit

    No, but the article is written as if a government being immune from suit is some major change to the law. It's not and if anything, sovereign immunity has been gradually eroded over time (at least in some respects).
  16. New Garrett Detector

    I wouldn't be surprised if it's a shovel, pair of headphones or something. I hope I'm wrong, as a new detector would be nice, though.
  17. New Garrett Detector

    Is Garrett releasing a new product or a new detector? Those can be two completely different things.