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  1. Im a former member that has returned..........

    I'm a former member that has returned.......... Hey y'all.... I was a former member of this forum some years back... I don't even remember what the screenname was... maybe old paperwork will tell me... lol. But... we did digs at the Pipsico Boy Scout Camp (Suffolk, VA). I believe it was like 5...
  2. Somebody can help ID of this?

    Looks like a spoon that has been painted gold. NOT saying you did... just saying that is what it looks like. Look at the backside of the spoon, you can see where it could have been plated, peeled off and painted over. Just sayin'
  3. What do you say about a guy who finds a lot of wheats?

    What Swheatie Finds! :laughing7:
  4. Hot Wheels cars

    In the bottom photo of the cars upside down...the one on the right looks like it has a date 1974 on it... is that what I am reading? Hard to tell. Some of the older cars had dates printed on the bottom. I can't see anything on the car on the left. oh wait...the one on the left looks like 1978 on...
  5. Button help.

    Here's a link that might help... Annmarie
  6. Kids toy?

    Good Job Diggummup... when I was making the post, I couldn't remember who said it... that's why I said ... "as someone mentioned" ;)
  7. Kids toy?

    like someone mentioned... a door stopper... here's one of a boxer.... and here's one painted... shame you couldn't find it whole or the other piece(s). :( nice find though! Annmarie
  8. Adamsville AL token JOE KENDALL / GOOD FOR / 5 ( over ¢ ) / IN TRADE / ADAMSVILLE, ALA. ( all incused ) ( blank ) Believe to be of the 1890's - early 1900's...
  9. Possible Dinosaur eggs ??? new pics

    Re: Possible Dinosaur eggs ??? That is so cool! My son found one some years back when we were in Texas. Hubby took us to Diablo (spelling incorrect) Canyon and that is where it was found. I sent my pic to this guy and he said it was just a rock...but I think different. We still have it!
  10. Lt Col Harry F Cannon from the Real Eight

    Posting a SSN of a deceased person is not illegal. You can find it on the SSDI (Social Security Death Index) which is a public site. And it does not matter how secure you think your info is or your home is, if a thief wants in, they will! ;) Have a nice day, Annmarie
  11. What is the stupidest comment you have heard from some one while detecting!!!!

    WOW! Love all the comments, some I may use in the future! LOL! I can't recall off hand anything that someone has said, other than, "Find anything good" or "Finding anything" or "What have you found". I think one time when on the beach on the Chesapeae Bay, some 'snotty teen rich boys and girls'...
  12. cash register finds for the week

    Yesterday my bookkeeper showed me a roll of nickels and said it was odd. I looked at it and read "TWENTY-FIVE Nickels of the The United States of America, Uncirculated, Philadelphia Mint" ... YEAH... that is what I'm talking about. I picked up $6. worth yesterday and this morning, picked up the...
  13. Is your star note rare? Check it here.

    Well, I guess this won't work for me... my star note is 1963 :(
  14. Some sweet finds today, well, for me anyways! ;)

    Bought my box of pennies today. Went through them, found lots of the new Lincoln pennies. I know they aren't worth anything, but I save them. ;) Found 4 Canadian pennies (1973, 1978, 1987-2) and for Wheaties (my favorite, besides the Merc Dimes), I found one that I can't read the date. It looks...
  15. Anyone found an 1950 D Jefferson Nickel?

    The only luck, if that's what you want to call it, are those 3 with the 'err' under the "U" extending under the "D" in UNITED. Other than that, nothing. I plan to put all these back into circulation too, but not at my store! :) Couldn't tell you what I have in dollars, cause in the beginning, I...
  16. Anyone found an 1950 D Jefferson Nickel?

    I saw this on the news some time back and since then, I save them hoping to find one! I'm afraid to put the ones that aren't errs back into circulation, I don't want to search the same ones! LOL! I have found 2 with slight errs that run from the bottom of the "U" to the bottom of the "D" in the...
  17. Civil War Maps on footnote... first column, select "Civil War: 1860-1880" second column, select "CIVIL WAR MAPS" third column, select the state you want. fourth column, if it gives you a choice, then make your selection. fifth column, you will most likely have another choice. sixth...
  18. cashier finds this week

    I don't cashier anymore, as I am now the Scan Coordinator (Pricing), but I have a couple of cashiers that keep their eyes out for me (who don't collect). I cashiered from 2007 to a few months ago and in that time I have found lots of foreign coins, mercs, silver quarters and rosies, many wheats...
  19. Anyone found an 1950 D Jefferson Nickel?

    Just took a look at my nickel books... and I only have one 1950, no D or S, just a 1950. WOW! Never realized that. Wonder why the 1950 is so hard to find? I collect up to 1963 and the 2005 Buffalo Nickels. I'll have to sit down and record how many of each year and mint I have. I just put them in...
  20. Kitten was abandoned in woods!

    What a beautiful kitten!!! You two were meant to be! It's almost like those 'cruel' people were meant to drop "Stormy" off at your place! Congrats and wishing you both many wonderful years together! Annmarie