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  1. What is this button an how old ..

    Could you please give me more info?
  2. What is this button an how old ..

    dang was hoping a early us button
  3. What is this button an how old ..

    please give me all known info on this button
  4. Civil war button help

    This isn't all of them.. probly 50 or so more
  5. Civil war button help

  6. Civil war button help

    I just bought a whole slew of buttons. possibility civil war an older, railroad an transportation an others.. thing is I Don't have a Tice or Albert book.. is there some where online to look at one of these books? I can't take pics .. I have a few hundred or more of different ones. Any help...
  7. Need help with error mason jar

    send me some pics
  8. She took it away :(

    IP I was just tryin to make a point that us buyin at yardsales is no different then those stores bguyin wholesale
  9. She took it away :(

    Your even more niave then I first thouight... What you think places like best buy,Walmart Kmart pay close to retail for there items? I knoiw for a fact that a iphone cost between 5-20 to buy an they charge us consumers couple hundred dollar.... Guess they should put whole sale price then retail...
  10. She took it away :(

    Why do you even come in here an read these post if you don't get the concept buy low sell high?? Beachkid next time play dumb an don't use loupe if you don't have too... Nhbandit call it what you want but she had it for sale an it's only worth what the buyer is willing to buy it matter...
  11. I bought a turtle today at a yard sale.

    might not was to set him free just yet or he'll be 6.00 fish snack
  12. California again. darn

    my opionion is it's stupid to exclude any of the 48 states... if it bugs you that much just use priorty s=flat rate then it don't matter how far it's going shippin is all the same
  13. 8 reales

    Thanks guys I knew you 2 would help.. the person who own these are Amish an claim they been handed down for many years.. my friendsaid he did take a magnet nothing stuck
  14. 8 reales

    Ok these are not for sale however a friends grand parents want to know the insurance value..I also told them someone could tell us if they are rare varities or common... thanks for the help!!!
  15. 8 reales

  16. 8 reales

    I need help with some reales could someone tell me how to post zip files?
  17. Covered Bridge Fest+garage sale=super score, 1982 Crown CSC-950F Ghetto Blaster!

    Woah back to the early 80's who has some Fatboys to throw in the mix?
  18. Roaddog?

    Thanks Duffy your always very helpful to me... I'm going to pull any that have chips an auction them together as nice but damaged 1.99 sound good?
  19. Roaddog?

    what do you think of the price I paid? for those marles?
  20. Roaddog?

    Duffy did u see my urianum post??? could use help with that post too... btw is this book any good? Identification and Price Guide by Robert Block I have the 2012 ed ordered I bought all the marbles in this post an urainium post for 20-25.00 was that a good Buy?