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  1. The Covid crisis can be overcome with the gold of the galleons

    It is a known fact that Howard Carter, probably the most famous archaeologist in history, stole many items from the tomb of Tutankahmun. Just sayin'.

    But how 'bout does jems???
  3. Seven chests near stump pass

    Someone go do a mag survey and give Joska 20% if you find anything.
  4. Looking for a dive boat for sale

    Well, since he knows the precise locations of the seven lost chests, perhaps a dive boat is superfluous. :laughing7: Plus, maybe he doesn't need one. Lol..
  5. So is it a waste of time...

    The Treasure Beaches Report Direct From Florida's Treasure Coast.
  6. Seven chests near stump pass

    You said you have the exact GPS locations of the seven chests. Why would any sort of detection equipment be needed??? The man just needs to go to your exact locations and excavate. What am I missing??? :tongue3::tongue3::tongue3:
  7. Coopers Treasures

    I did not see anyone on the show go to the bathroom. Ever. Not once. Does that mean they did not go? Seeing divers sticking nails in the sand would make for such exciting cinema. Shucks, I think it would practically guarantee another season.
  8. Yo ho ho and a bottle a rum

    I completely agree with you guys...the best film version of Treasure Island ever. I have it on DVD and have watched it many times. It never gets old. The soundtrack is terrific as well Seeing Blak Bart's thread made me think of the film immediately. Interestingly, the ship used in the film to...
  9. Tommy Thompson saga continues

    Actually, I am up late. It depends on your perspective, I suppose.
  10. Yo ho ho and a bottle a rum

  11. Tommy Thompson saga continues

    I appreciate your passion and position but there are some serious problems with your narrative concerning Thompson's circumstances at the time of his arrest. He was not busted at "a crack shack hotel with a handful of gold coins" He was busted at a $200 at night Hilton with $437,000 in cash...
  12. Tommy Thompson saga continues

    My tax dollars paid for Chelsea Manning's sex change operation and for the continued incarceration of millions of other criminals. I'll gladly pay my share to keep "Mister" Thompson behind bars. And apparently the Judiciary in the State of Ohio agree.
  13. Tommy Thompson saga continues

    Obviously everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But the reality is that the "jackals" ,(if jackals they were), didn't "latch on" to Thompson's project. They were persuaded, sold on the idea by Thompson himself. If you read "Ship of Gold..." it becomes apparent that Thompson's major...
  14. Tommy Thompson saga continues

    Would anyone in their right mind trust someone who believes Tommy Thompson to be a hero? Tommy Thompson is not a pirate. He is a low life thief. He ripped off not only his investors, but also contractors and employees who made his recoveries possible. It is good to know what forum members you...
  15. Oxbow Steamer Wreck

    Best of luck on what sounds like an interesting project.:headbang: I am not trying to sound like a hero, but the odds of a fully grown man being attacked by an alligator are virtually zero. Get in the water and get the non-ferrous stuff!! You can always wait until it is cold and the gators go...
  16. Cannons from the Mercedes

    How dare you criticize Germany for starting two World Wars and committing the Holocaust !! After all, what was the American response ? We actually BOMBED and INVADED Germany and killed a lot of their people !! Then we had the audacity to rebuild their economy and pay for their defense for the...
  17. Anyone ever work the El Sueco scatter field through Tom's Harbor Cut ?

    Results? Issues? Recommendations? I am thinking cloak and dagger stuff. Brownies Third Lung on a float tube. Lobster gear. You get the picture. I'd like to avoid any "Imperial Entanglements".:skullflag:
  18. Simple down and dirty towfish design help needed

    I love it, Rudiger. But I'm not sure I would call it down and dirty, LOL :notworthy: Realistically, with the time I have available , I probably have a year or so of search areas where I would be deploying the fish at 10 ft. or less. Your fish looks fairly large and I am not sure I would need...
  19. Simple down and dirty towfish design help needed

    It looks funky, yet functional. I like ! A couple of questions: On what sort of pvc fitting is the transducer and tow cable attached ? I don't recognize it as a normal pvc fitting. Can you explain, at least partially, how you made and mounted the fins ? I can figure the rough dimensions...
  20. Simple down and dirty towfish design help needed

    OK, so I bought a used Humminbird 1198c si. I currently have the transducer transom mounted and I must say I am fairly impressed. I also realize the deeper I can get the transducer, the more sonar shadow I will get from smaller, less pronounced targets. I would like to build a towfish to...