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  1. Obsidian artifacts?

    I had a friend find three in Boone county West Virginia.
  2. Special points

    I am truly sorry for your loss Older The Better! I wish I could make other people understand what you and I see eye to eye on. When I lost my mom, that was all I was interested in doing. It is just a mindless kinda of thing to sorta escape for a while. I sometimes just sit and and feel like my...
  3. 🥇 BANNER My smallest point and largest point in the same day -Epic too small a term

    Definitely a day to remember! I havent had a day like that in sooo long.... Wait a minute, Never!
  4. Fun muddy walk

    Thats the kind of walks I like!
  5. BOOM

    Neat-O I would definitely be happy to add one of those to my collection!
  6. CalfCreek Culture East Tx

    Odd looking but what a great addition to a collection!

  8. Years Of Experience Collecting Native American Artifacts

    Summer of 2019 Almost 2 years now!