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  1. 🏆 HONORABLE MENTION Found a stolen loaded handgun.....

    Outstanding job folks!!! Yes it is worthy for Honorable Mention IMHO.:icon_thumleft:
  2. Usless hunting dog - but oh so friendly. Love it

    Thanks again Ray!!! Mike
  3. Magnificent aerial photos

    Outstanding photos, thanks for the link Ray!
  4. A TreasureNet Wedding...Montana Jim and Mona Lisa get hitched!

    Congrats on your nuptuals! If I ever get out that way again I may stop and say hello.
  5. An Astounding Snomobile Run

    Awesome video Ray, thanks!
  6. My Patriotic Eagle

    Outstanding job Ray!
  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY bbqbull (57)

    Thanks for the Birthday wishes, Ive been pretty busy the last several weeks here w/o internet service. Thanks again, Mike
  8. Everywhere in Michigan

    Way Cool Ray!!!! Thanks for sharing it with us!
  9. Pretty younguns

    Re: Pretty younguns' Sweet photo, thank's for sharing.
  10. Day off in the mountains

    Outstanding photos RGNN.
  11. Hornets Nest in a Pear Tree...

    The paper nest does not burn very easy. Black powder shooters used to use that paper for a patch in their rifles. They said that paper doesn't burn.
  12. More summer in the mountains

    Beautiful photos Rgrinn!
  13. Hello from Iowa Lincha still alive and kickin it

    Welcome back Lincha, you have been in our thoughts and prayers here.
  14. Grandsons first fish ever

    Re: Grandson's first fish ever Congrats to you both!
  15. So tired (A series of cute pics)

    Love em, thanks for sharing Ray!
  16. C-130 flew low over house today!

    Puff the majic dragon!
  17. Petroglyphs

    Outstanding! Showed the photos and comments to my bride, she loved them.
  18. Hecla Junction, CO camp

    Great photos RGINN and thanks for sharing them with us.
  19. The wild tom turkey came by this morning

    He would be awesome spatchcocked on my Big Green Egg at 350 degrees for about an hour and a quarter!
  20. Camping at Rifle Falls, CO

    Congrats on the expedition, camping trip and awesome photos! Thanks for taking your grandson on such a great trip.