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  1. Digging in Louisiana most AMAZING finds

    Amazing. That was the best video I've ever seen. You guys have some great places to dig. And you've only scratched the surface. Good luck.
  2. Need a little help

    Since it was found under a bridge that was converted to a bike path, I would say it is the bracket that hold the brake pads on a bicycle. Just a guess of course. :dontknow:
  3. Found at a Early French and Indian town site in lower Ala. any ideas on what it could

    Lots of history in Washington county. Good luck.
  4. Found at a Early French and Indian town site in lower Ala. any ideas on what it could

    What part of LA are you in? I'm in Monroe county.
  5. Early Large Cent From My Front Yard

    Good to see you posting Jerry. Nice old coin. Dig your yard up and forget mowing until next year. LOL Don't forget to add that clip to the showroom.
  6. ✅ SOLVED Can Anyone ID This Old Padlock

    There is a patent date on the shackle. I found one like several years ago. Search padlock and you will find several like it on the forum.
  7. Projectile point identification

    I just happened across this site. Has anyone seen this? Projectile Point Identification Guide
  8. it was a copperhead night

    I only know of two kinds of snakes around here, rattlesnakes and chicken snakes. If he aint got a chicken in his mouth - he's a rattlesnake. :tongue3:
  9. In your opinion?

    Whether artifact or geofact, that is one awesome rock garden. :icon_thumleft:
  10. Found in Southern VT farmland - flower token

    Sagendorph battery
  11. ✅ SOLVED Brass piece

    Service pole fuse puller. :icon_thumleft:
  12. What is It?

    Google concretion and you will see many like yours. I like finding them because they come in so many shapes and sizes. I have one some place that looks like Thing from the Fantastic Four. They make great door stops.
  13. Seated Silver, 1864-L Indian Head, and a CANNONBALL

    Nice finds Will. Glad to see you guys are still getting out. Been slow here but am hoping to get out tomorrow to an early 1800's site. I like the quack medical pendant. Can you read the name boyd on it? I too found one 3 years ago that read Sagendorphs Battery. Seems Sagendorph was an employee...
  14. What Would You Call This One?

    Thanks for posting this monsterrack. This is the closest I've seen to my point. The one in the middle is almost identicle. Great article on the quad. After seeing this I can put this one to rest.
  15. What Would You Call This One?

    Thanks buddy. I've been around, mostly as a silent member. Internet service is terrible here.
  16. What Would You Call This One?

    Bumping this one up for all the new guys Hey artifact hunters. I'm bumping this one up for the new guys on the forum. What do you think? What type is it? It has the features of several different types but I'm not convinced on any of them. Found in South Alabama.
  17. A Few Items of Interest from Florida

    Nice finds. A lot of digging there. The rifle cartridges look like blanks. Check the primer. Most of the ones I find are unfired.
  18. Spanish SILVER #19 and a pair of Ripped Pants!

    Man, you are racking up on the spanish down there. I think you've under estimated your total for the year. 8-) What kind of repellant are you using? I have never had a skeeter bite thru a glove. Deet has always worked for me, (Works on chiggers too). Maybe rub down with diesel fuel. :icon_pale...
  19. Dug My BEST in 20 Years Today

    Wow, what a great find. La. has been good to you. All the spanish and seated coins not to mention the other finds you have made since moving there. Those cane rows have paid off. 8-) Congrats on the find of a lifetime. Not only is this your best in 20 years but I can see this becoming the find...
  20. Strange Silver in South Alabama

    Nice silver. Where in South Alabama are you?