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  1. Ohio Silver & Civil War Bullet!

    Re: Ohio Silver & Civil War Bullet! Excellent finds!
  2. War of 1812 NY Militia Plate!!!!!!...1819 LC

    Both finds are incredible, but regardless, the plate is a banner find. When one clicks on a post such as this and the first thing you say or think is WOW...
  3. About 11 more Crusty Coppers

    Hammer screw... You know your stuff IP. With the history up there, you really bring it in to show. That would be too cool to see the cannon dug out of the field, and to help the land owner find it as well.
  4. Nice 1851 Three cent piece found today...

    Excellent! Worth all the sweat I`m sure.
  5. Small Town Park Silver & Indians!

    Re: Small Town Park Silver & Indians! Very nice finds there Dan, The 10x12 sef butterfly coil seems to be working well for you. I guess it also helps to have the right old parks to hunt in. :icon_thumright:
  6. Late 1820s pocket spill find - 2 Bust Halves and 2 Spanish Silver

    UNBELIEVABLE!!! Yep - that is what detecting is all about. Congratulations! Like IP said:
  7. 1800s Pocket Spill!!! Silver!! Indians!! V-Nickel!!!

    Re: 1800's Pocket Spill!!! Silver!! Indians!! V-Nickel!!! Way to go Dan. Amazing finds there. Great videos of your finds as well.
  8. Reved up and finally Diggin!

    Awesome, I like the way you posted these finds. It makes it easy to see what you`re actually looking at. As usual - always interesting.
  9. My first gold coin! And my second, and my third and more!!!!!!!

    :laughing7: :laughing9: :laughing7: :laughing9: :laughing7: :laughing9: :laughing7: you guys are killing me!!
  10. Roman coin found in Tot Lot!

    That Spanish, er Roman piece of eight from the copied continent should move pretty quick. I`m sure you`re anxious to sell it. :laughing9:
  11. Another Good Day!

    Very nice Franklin Half Dollar. Looks like you will be in pretty good shape to find more with the new spot you acquired at the chapel. Nice to be able to get permission that easily.
  12. 1777 Spanish Colonial Silver

    Absolutely amazing find! Beautiful condition! Makes me wished I lived in your area to be able to locate such an item.
  13. 1800 Half Cent A BEAUTY!

    Awesome Half Cent find! Congratulations indeed! Gives others hope when hitting those spots that have been "worked over".
  14. First hunt of the old House

    It`s nice to see people like yourself treat others with kindness and respect. That goes a long way. wtg :icon_thumright:
  15. A good couple of hunts.

    Truly amazing detail on the SLQ. I know you`re glad you waited to clean it `til you could do it properly. Textbook example as to why one should wait. :icon_thumleft: BTW - nice total for the two days as well. Very nice!
  16. st. pattys day pays off

    Wow! What a good day you had. Nice landowner with 3 great finds and permission to continue looking.
  17. First Valuable Find Ever!! First Gold, First Ring

    Very Nice find! Not just a ring, but a good looking men`s ring. That is a good looking piece of 14k gold jewelry. It would be a very good one to keep and to wear.
  18. 3 Colonial coin day.....1775 Spanish silver (updated copper pics)

    Re: 3 Colonial coin day.....1775 Spanish silver Very Nice! Amazing how an old Spanish silver reale can look so good after 235 years in the soil. I just received my new E-Trac today, so I`m looking forward to finding my first silver (what ever that will be) when I learn some more about this machine.

    Very Nice! The 1907 Barber looks like new. These Minelab finds are confirming my choice in the detector I will settle on.