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  1. I can't believe I am still watching this show

    Even when the archy is involved nothing is ever gridded, Gary just staggers around like I do when searching a local park. Other times he is discing out iron when I thought he is supposed to be looking for just about everything he can find since they are trying to document the history of the...
  2. Curse of the Curse of Oak Island...

    I have only occasionally surfed this forum and am not really into the Oak Island stuff. I do still watch it since there just isn't much else on TV anyway. When it comes to that lead cross I can't but think it is complete BS. After all, advertising dollars are at stake. They just happened to...
  3. Rutus Alter 71 has arrived!

    Good reports so far. Can you give some feedback on it in a typical urban/park hunt? Not necessarily super heavy trash but the usual assortment of bottle caps and aluminum tabs, EMI issues, etc. Does the hodograph help or using some coil edge pass rejection to sort out the junk? Also in these...
  4. Hints for prospecting at Goldstrike Park in Arvada

    That's encouraging. I've been by that area and have never seen anyone working it. I may need to try my hand at gold again. It's been a while. Thanks.
  5. Burried Spaniard Gold

    I think there was something I heard about as Treasure Mountain. Maybe a couple of articles and a TV show but I don't think anything has ever been found or it may have been found a long time ago.

    Greek name theme. Midas -A king of Phrygia granted the power to turn anything to gold with a touch Athena -Goddess of intelligence, skill, peace, warfare, battle strategy, handicrafts, and wisdom. Apheleia - was the spirit and personification of ease, simplicity and primitivity in the good...
  7. Fisher F75-DST - Hit And Run!

    Hit it early Sunday morning. All the locals should have just got home and sleeping off the previous night. The ones that are awake will be average church going people. I have thought about doing the same thing in the less desirable areas. Glad someone tried it. Good job.
  8. WW2 Good conduct medal Aurora resident

    As an FYI for anyone else reading this, I have made contact with Mr. Buford's daughter. She was happy with the news and I have given her contact information for Ray.
  9. WW2 Good conduct medal Aurora resident

    PM sent with contact information.
  10. What is status of Old Camp Road in Colorado Springs?

    A big thanks to Haze for that tip. That road is on my list of things to do this summer and you probably saved me some headaches.
  11. got the fever,where to look for gold on cheyenne mountain area

    Just on the circumstances that it is *there* and probably plentiful, it is most likely mica or fools gold. There is a lot of it around the front range. Toss some of a sample in a pan or gold pan and swish it around. Odds are it will stay on or close to the surface. Gold will drop to the bottom.
  12. what is the best machine for knocking out electrical interference

    It depends. I have had detectors go bonkers next to power lines and while others were quiet. Still others that went nuts near cell antennas (or cell phones) while other ones stayed silent. You just don't know. Too many variables with frequencies, power levels and machine sensitivities to them.
  13. Makro Racer vs Nokta Fors Core

    No small coil for the Deus. None coming either as far as I can tell. I need one for the trash I get into. If they eventually do would probably cost over $300 so again for the end game the Racer gets the jobs done (primary reason) and as a bonus a lot more economically.
  14. Makro Racer vs Nokta Fors Core

    Pretty much the same behavior and abilities. Slightly different frequencies and therefore different coils. Personally I think the overload thing is being overblown. I only thought that after using the Racer. To me it just isn't a big problem. I can raise a coil a couple of inches or just...
  15. Detecting Buddy/Mentor

    I lost track of Bonny. Plus that is a real long drive. I did happen to stop by one of the lakes near Ordway last summer. It had very little water. I think Colorado Springs had bought most of the water rights in that valley so now lakes are dry and farms are gone. Just for yucks we tried...
  16. Makro Racer vs Nokta Fors Core

    Figure out which handle and control design you like to use. Other than that very minor differences. The DI3 mode on the Racer is probably a little hotter.
  17. Detecting Buddy/Mentor

    Welcome. Get started while the weather is on the cool side. It can get hot detecting in the summer. Where were you reading about drained lakes and ponds? The last one I remember was Berkley a couple of years ago.
  18. MD hanging storage idea

    I've been thinking about doing this for a while. It seemed like there was never enough closet space, or my detectors just piled up in a corner. I tried to find a decent used garment rack for several weeks but I finally gave up and paid for a new rack today at a bath and bed store. The rack was...
  19. Makro racer

    Makro has stated they will be shipping to the US 3/13 or 3/16. So as of this moment I would say it's pre-order status.
  20. OKM

    I agree with lsm. I haven't looked at OKM for a few years but the current lineup is pretty amusing. Bionic X4 long range gold finder at ONLY $13,499? Don't forget to attach your own smartphone. Yeah, right. Someone is going to get rich on these things and it won't be the buyer. I wouldn't...