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  1. 🥇 BANNER Roman Hoarde found 300+ Coins and counting

    Thanks for the update Lu. Did you ever get your Roman Chariot rein holder back? Good luck.
  2. Sooooo....what would you do?

    Battery money is always better than a water haul. Congrats. Merry Christmas. Good luck.
  3. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED What could this be?

    Something to show size like ruler or coin and telling the location found would help. There is also a thread here "Got a rock you want identified" or something like that that has several helpful people there. Good luck.
  4. 54 Gram Silver Badge, tiniest Fork ever and 0.4 Gram Roman Coin

    Nice hunt Lu. Could the badge have been something that hung around a beer stein by a chain? It has holes on 2 sides. Good luck.
  5. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED A different kind of what is it

    My vote is for a Gar. In the 60's my Dad cleaned out farm ponds w/a dozer. I'd catch small fish as he drained the water out of the pond and take them to new ponds. I got a lot of fish out of ponds that had never been stocked. Good luck.
  6. Mystery Item.....Found in Spanish Fort AL....Help ID

    There is a thread here "Got a rock you identified?" with some very helpful people that post on it. You might try them. Good luck.
  7. Find of a lifetime

    Bet that makes the ol' heart go pitty-patter when you dug it. Very cool find. Goo luck.
  8. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Rock ID help?

    There is a thread here "Got a rock you want identified" or something like that. Helpful people there on I.D.'ing rocks. Providing the area where found might be helpful. Good luck.
  9. 🥇 BANNER Found a cache of chinese coins

    Great find. Bet that makes the heart go pitty-patter! If the coins are in good shape is there any value to them. Good luck.
  10. Visitor

    Looks like a Rattleheadedcoppermoccisan to me. Good luck.
  11. Custer's Last Stand

    Haven't heard THAT one devildog but did hear this one. A Scout came to Custer and said "General, I have good news and I have bad news." Custer said "What's the bad news?" "There's 5000 Indians over that hill and they're gonna come over here and kill us all." The Scout replied "What's the good...
  12. Custer's Last Stand

    There was a documentary several yrs ago. There had been a wildfire at the battle ground and a team went in with metal detectors and mapped where the items, mostly shell casings, were found. They even matched firing pin marks on casings to a certain gun and could follow the path of whoever was...
  13. For the older generations.

    Until 3 yrs ago I had an 88' Ranger with crank windows. I remember cars that had a crank for the wing window. Yes still say "roll" using the elec. windows.
  14. Shingles Vaccine .. Anybody had it?

    Wife & I have had the shots. Sore arm for a couple of days. My Grandma had them where ya sit and suffered for years. I was glad there's a shot so I may not get them. Good luck.
  15. The forgotten Winchester..

    Cool find. Some guy that say's he's found Jesse James buried jar of coins always found them because a gun was half way from a marker to the loot, barrel pointing toward the money. Might check down range for 25, 50 and 100 feet. Good luck.
  16. Weird Gravestones?

    Thanks for posting the pics. Amber. See how the people like it? When the OG Surveyors roamed over the middle part of the country, they put stones in the ground for marking the section corners. In Iowa there are some that should have been marked 1/4 to show it was a quarter corner stone. Best we...
  17. Weird Gravestones?

    Welcome to tnet. Everyone likes pictures. Don't detect in graveyards. Good luck.
  18. Crazy after work hunt 2050 year old roman silver and a roman Lady

    Another great score Lu. Those coins sure shine. Good luck.
  19. New Permission, day 2

    Nice score Lu. Silver is silver. Good luck.
  20. First hunt on a new permission, back in the game!

    Another great hunt Lu. Silver on a buckle still counts. Those coins are in better shape than most you find. Looks like you have productive ground for awhile. Good luck.