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  1. Gold Virgin Mary Anchor

    Beautiful piece of jewlery in honor of our Lady. By the way, did you post your Republican Blues button on this forum? May have missed it but that should be a banner. Russ
  2. Intact Westerwald mug and other Colonial relics found today.

    Banner all day long!! Unreal. Ive nominated for both you and Keith!
  3. Powder flask and Hillsboro Academy button

    Awesome stuff Scott! HMA buttons are few and far between. Congrats to Patriot Digger. Love the powder flask as well.
  4. 1700's solid silver Luckenbooth trade brooch different design nobody has seen

    Fantastic brooch Dave! Hope all is well!!
  5. War of 1812 Relic Jackpot- Pewters, Sword guard, and Bullets

    Awesome Jon-That 1st Reg button is killer. Glad to see you back out.
  6. Old military button find!

    Livery button in this case. Very similar to the Haitian "phoenix" buttons though. Here is coat and cuff of same style found in Lowcountry. Great find though!
  7. Early Marked Musket Butt Plate with English Broad Arrow

    Thanks. doing the research has definitely uncovered some great facts regarding this British Govt mark. I think you are right that these were issued to soldiers that were employed by the crown-not just basic, citizen militia.
  8. Early Marked Musket Butt Plate with English Broad Arrow

    Thanks Steve-I really did not know too much about the mark but what is great about this hobby is finding such a piece and then putting in the research and educating yourself as to its origins, history and use.
  9. Early Marked Musket Butt Plate with English Broad Arrow

    I am pretty sure-Broad arrow is mark used by British govt and is seen on their issued pieces even through modern times.
  10. Pemmican

    This is a fantastic Youtube Channel if you havent seen it already. He does tons of 17th and 18th century recipes with lots on Pemmican.
  11. S.C. Coastal Artillery Corp Button

    Yep-Clemson Agricultural College button. for most part, button stayed the same from inception (1889) through 1940s. Have found a few and I live in Clemson. For some reason , they are fairly scarce given the fact that the coat alone had over 33 buttons on them.
  12. Early Marked Musket Butt Plate with English Broad Arrow

    Hey everyone-been a while since I posted-been checking in regularly however. A week or so ago, headed to lowcountry for a quick two day dig-mosquitos are absolutely horrible and mornings were best time to get in the woods. Did fairly well with typical flat buttons, etc. Managed a beautiful 1775...
  13. ๐Ÿฅ‡ BANNER 1733 colonial sundial and others

    Keith-I haven't been on in quite a while and what a treat to see that incredible find up top. Don't think I have ever seen one in that condition and the craftsmanship is outstanding. I would think any of the top relic restorers could handle that. I will also reiterate what Glen (Down n' Dirty)...
  14. Recent finds from this week , Colonial and covil war

    Great digs Pete-love the cast I and the "infamous" PN. Russ
  15. A few Medieval silver coins and my most beautiful silver so far.

    Dang! That was awesome. Thanks for the post!
  16. Can we have a good in depth talk about frequency?

    As usual, your videos and posts are very educational. Thanks for posting.
  17. Just dug this yesterday 1783 Nova Constellation

    Way to go Pete-don't see too many of those our way.
  18. 1801 Draped Bust Dime dug in worn condition

    Way to go Keith. I don't think I have seen one of these posted ever. You and Calabash Digger have been on some really good early sites lately.
  19. Massachusetts Pine Tree Shilling 1652

    Congratulations. That has got to be one of the best dug examples ever! I will vote banner for condition and rarity on that one!!
  20. Happy Birthday George. Washington family relics!

    Great hunt and nice set of relics. Spans a pretty good period. Would have to see the back of the clipped corner piece but on surface does appear to be a plate. The buckle to the left of it is definitely a period (rev war) buckle.