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  1. MX Sport Coil weights

    Hi, Could anyone tell the weights (without shaft) of the followiing three MX Sport coils? 6" X 10" 9.5" Detech 7" Thanks
  2. What beaches could I detect on for a few days this summer?

    Hi, I'm going to be in NJ for a vacation this summer and would like to metal detect on some ocean beaches while I'm there. I realize that the Sandy Hook beaches are off limits for detecting. Are there any other beaches in that area where I could go? I'm not looking for anyones "secert"...
  3. MDing on Sandy Hook, NJ beaches

    MD'ing on Sandy Hook, NJ beaches Hi, We hope to vacation in the Sandy Hook area this summer. Can anyone tell me the regulations in regards to metal detecting on the Sandy Hook beaches, Gateway National Recreation Area?
  4. Lost my v3i program

    Hi, I had to send my V3i in for minor repairs which included a reset. I'm trying to find the program I had loaded on my V3i. Basically it used no VDI discrimination, had the audio turned off for VDI's that you didn't want to hear, and had custom color settings for some VDI's. Sound familiar...
  5. 🏆 HONORABLE MENTION Class ring found after 44 years, to be returned to owner

    Back at the beginning of April I had posted on Face Book a picture of some old coins I had found. One of my Face Book friends commented on the photo and said that she liked the coins and mentioned that she had lost a class ring when she was a girl. I had graduated with this lady back in 1970 and...
  6. I took my DFX down memory lane

    This is still my most memorable hunt.
  7. I took my DFX down memory lane

    Still one of my most memorable hunts.
  8. Believe It Or Not. 38 Silvers In The Last 2 Weeks.

    Re: Beleive It Or Not. 38 Silvers In The Last 2 Weeks. Man, Jer that's great. Nice so see you post again, hope everything is going well for you. What program and settings are you using on your V3 these days?
  9. 2ND day with my AT Pro!---Gold!

    Nice ring, way to go. I cashed in 4 10k and 4 14k rings three weeks ago, I'd say yours is worth about $125.
  10. New guy from Northwest PA

    Hi Craz, I'm in Corry, PA
  11. 2nd trip to Presque Isle

    Hey Cliff, Looks like you had a nice outing. I hunt Presque Isle pretty often, if you would ever like to get together there let me know. I live in Corry and usually get there at sun rise. I did pretty well last Friday on Beach 7. I'm retired so I could go up most anytime. Schrecky
  12. My Excal 1000 paid for itself today

    Well with the price of gold so high I decided to take the 8 gold rings I've found over the last few years and see what they were worth. I came home with $1,068 :D (the class ring was my own)
  13. A few buttons maybe

    Nice to see your still kicking Nate. Good finds.
  14. PA STATE PARK RULES on detecting

    Metal detecting is allowed on the beaches at Presque Isle State without a permit. Also, you can detect in the water until the life guards come on duty which in most cases is at 10:00 am.
  15. Whites DFX 300, anybody have one. what do you think about it ?

    I had a DFX for about 5 years and loved it, had many great finds. I decided to sell it and got a V3i. I like the bells and whistles on the V3i but wish I had my DFX back.
  16. French Creek state park

    Wow, thats a great response. When I got my first detector I email'ed (out of ignorance) Drake Well State Park and politely requested permission to metal detect at the park. They responded stating the people who metal detect are thieves and people with detectors in the park will be arrested. (All...
  17. Beach Hunting in my future? Who woulda thunk it?

    Way to go Neil, my Excal 1000 has worked very well for me in the water. Good luck.
  18. Got two buttons today...wondering if they could be anything

    Hey Nate, Nice buttons. Good to see you post, hope everything is will with you. Any chance you'll be making this years hunt in PA?
  19. 6th Annual Hunt- May 28-30

    Anyone that has a White's metal detector is invited to the 6th Annual Hunt - May 28 - 30 at Camp Goose Pond, Boy Scout Camp, about 30 miles east of Scranton, PA. For more information go to: Hope to see you there.