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  1. Draped Bust Half Cent

    You're right, she's a beaut!! Much better looking than any I've (n)ever found :laughing7: Great find!!!
  2. more fox(y) news

    Seven fox in one picture? National Geographic has got NOTHING on you! Spectacular picture!!!
  3. First CW button and its a keeper! Contrats to my son.

    That's a good one! And one more than I've ever found...:laughing7:
  4. TimC 1949-2018 RIP

    My deepest sympathies. Indeed, he is in a better place. Rest in peace, Tim.
  5. My two finds that I will never in this life time acheive again.

    As I have no idea what an ornament stone is, I'm going to venture this is something museum quality? Wow, looks great!
  6. Epic hunt.A big chunk of gold, wheats, 4 silvers and other artifacts

    If contacting the school doesn't pan out, you might try the manufacturer. Is it a Josten's ring? Looks to be (mine is). At any rate, great day digging, I see. Congrats!
  7. 1820's Early Milita Buckle.

    Congrats! That thing is crazy nice!!
  8. Near mint REV WAR RP pewter buttton

    Sorry for your loss. Awesome button...never seen one like it!
  9. The Potato Field - Day 3 - Hammered & 16th-17th C GOLD RING.......

    Can I hunt one of your fields when you're done with it? Holy carp, you find some nice things!! :notworthy:
  10. A great door knock!

    Neat little brooch! Painted?
  11. Looking for other detectorists

    Welcome aboard, Bob!! You're in a historically rich area, so be sure to post your finds!!
  12. Bad news

    Not good to hear, I must say. Don't give up just yet!! Hoping for the best for you!
  13. 1937 Buffalo nickel mint marks ?

    The "F" you're seeing is the designer's initial (Fraiser). Neither coin displays a mint mark, as they were minted in Philadelphia, PA. Were they minted in either Denver, CO (D) or San Francisco, CA (S) they would display the mint mark beneath the "C" in cents, on the reverse.
  14. Been Hunting for it for 49 Years & Found it Today!

    Congrats!!! Super happy for you! One you'll ALWAYS remember!!
  15. I know that its US Artillery but what is it and what time period?

    Looks like Anheuser Busch to me... Not an expert, BTW.
  16. Numbered 3 ringer

    I've dug lots of three-ringers; never one with a number inside. I'd say it's a bit of a rarity. Not going to make you rich, but definitely a keeper.
  17. what is this skull/lightning bolt insignia? military?

    Looks like comic book character to me. Something along the lines of The Flash. Not current on my action hero/ comic book character knowledge. Nice find anyway!!
  18. FINALLY!

    That thing is AMAZING!!! Congrats on a tremendous find.
  19. Mammoth tooth

    Looks like others I've seen posted here, too. Congrats! Oh, welcome aboard, too!!
  20. Investing vs reselling. Where do you fall?

    More than once the coffee cans of change my dad squirreled away paid for the groceries when he was otherwise broke. We lived hand to mouth when I was growing up...I don't anymore, but still keep some change sitting around, in case of a rainy day.