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  1. 🥇 BANNER Unexpected 1825-1835 Militia Waist Belt Plate! Rare Variety Too!!!

    That definitely Pops as a supreme witness of American History! Congratulations.
  2. 🥇 BANNER Rare Ohio breastplate found in Harpers Ferry, WV!

    Congratulations! Part of my family are of welsh descent and migrated to the Welch hills of Ohio. I & family ancestors now live in Fla. (since 1898). I married an Ohio State college girl that I first met on Spring Break at Ft. Lauderdale Beach. Subsequently, I have done some vacationing in Ohio...
  3. 🥇 BANNER $1 US 1856 Gold Dollar

    Congratultions! Nothing feels better in this hobby than opening a hole and seeing gold stare back at you.
  4. 🥇 BANNER Stunning Marked Napoleonic Era British Volunteer Corps Cross Belt Plate!!!

    That is a stunning find. Imagine the history witnessed by that piece--across two continents. Congratulations. Thank You for your perseverance and thank you for sharing that with us.
  5. 🥇 BANNER Seminole War Fort Awesome Coin

    That's just crazy but I know not impossible. In years past, I, too found a fort coin in a bed of horse and mule shoe nails. Using an early map, I found, determined and followed a military trail from the fort. About 300 yds. behind area of fort, I found an Infantry encampment along a lower...
  6. 1744 button spanish coat of arm.s

    Very nice and rare. The design is similar to that on this Pillar Dollar from one of the Florida Keys shipwrecks of 1733.
  7. blasting power

    That is a first ... or perhaps a first and a second for you. I never ever found anything like that. Live WW2 mortars dredged from the ocean--yes. But nothing like that. Congratulations.
  8. 1850's Fort Dump

    I have found bottles in these past digs. One shown in-situ; and the others that I displayed in a historical exhibit some years back. Also, a bit of graphic history regarding one of them.
  9. Some Past Finds

    Capped Half Dollar Thanks to all ... Notably, the coin was not actually found at the fort site which dated to 1838. I did research and noted the fort was in a hammock. The soldiers had horses and mules for transportation. Yet the terrain could not pasture the livestock. Therefore I studied old...
  10. Some Past Finds

    Hello All, Been awhile posting and not so active on digs lately due to Covid-19. Despite all, both my wife and I are blessed to be essential workers. She, a department manager at a company which makes specialized equipment for both public and military use. As for myself, I am no longer active...
  11. Hold harmless agreement

    Show up with any paperwork and forget it. Paperwork leads to more paperwork and legal issues. I have had permission for years on end to search private property sites based on the following principals: 1) Show landowners respect and interest in what makes them interested in history, early...
  12. Ditch finds from 1850’s fort

    Good to see the site is still producing. The ditch has been kind to me too in years past, however, at times it was filled with water. I'm curious how you clean your buttons. The no. 1 hat number represents the First Artillery Regiment. Once they were stationed at Ft. __ also. I have data on the...
  13. The State is attempting to Pirate the Shipwreck from JWI!

    No different than what I experienced in 1977 when I was refused permission to dive on the Jupiter Wreck which was under jurisdiction of the Jupiter Inlet Commission, at least so they claimed. Sometimes it is best not to ask--just go for it.
  14. Who is the real pirate here?

    I recall Tom Gurr's plight with the state. At a Diving Expo in Miami during the 1990's, Bob Weller (or was it Bert Webber?--been years) told me he dove on San Jose after Gurr's dilemma--not knowing the Gurr's previous dives on that wreck. He dove and found the wreck littered with artifacts, not...
  15. Bad Day.

    This Story deserves attention from one of those big NY Publishers... Start writing it down...
  16. My latest pit

    Bottles and Ceramics Nice Digs-- I like dumps hat provide variety such as ceramics--even if I have to rebuild the ceramics.
  17. Did any of you (old) guys know my Uncle: Henry Taylor? (coin expert on the "Samala")

    Good Stuff! I recall meeting Taylor at some gathering. I believe he was there with C. Mitchell, who I certainly remember. One of the meets where I talked with Mitchell was at a Dania Museum`. They were announcing the discovery of a Merchant shipwreck they had recently found. I offered to Cad-Up...
  18. Lots of clad, and a funny way to find a silver ring

    WoW! Now I know what to do to attract silver within my detector coil reach. Thanks for the tip. BTW Nice take.
  19. 🥇 BANNER spanish cobs found in algeria .

    Wow! So impressive. Congratulations!
  20. 🥇 BANNER 1853 $1 GOLD!! Holed, Scratchy, Slightly Bent But Ill Take It!

    Sweep Collection and with bonus gold... Congratulations.