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  1. Live Metal Detecting Radio Show...Tuesday Night...8:30 PM Eastern Time

    Tomorrow night .. Sept. 24th, 2013.....8:30 PM EASTERN TIME...The Detecting Lifestyle Radio Show ....."BACK TO THE BEACH"This show will focus on metal detecting on the beach. Discussion will center around detecting the beach in the coming fall/winter months...Strategies, things to look for ...
  2. The Detecting Lifestyle Weekly Radio Broadcast show.

    A new Radio Broadcast show called "The Detecting Lifestyle" will start on 3 Jan 13 and will be broadcasting weekly. Our first live broadcast will be on Thursday 03 Jan 13 and then on Tuesday every week thereafter. All details can be found at: The Detecting Lifestyle
  3. Minstrel


  4. San Pedro Mine

    San Pedro Mine

  5. California, is set to outlaw ... gold prospecting

    California, the state built on gold prospecting, is set to outlaw ... gold prospecting There's gold in them thar hills, but pretty soon you won't be allowed to touch it. In California, the state built on gold, the time is up for prospectors who are about to see their way of life declared...
  6. Mans best friend speaks

    Man's best friend speaks The other side of the story:
  7. Quote the raven:

    Quote: "Sometimes, when I look at my children, I say to myself, 'Lillian, you should have remained a virgin." - Lillian Carter (mother of Jimmy Carter)
  8. Colonial australian gold trooper 1875

    Very nice---a keeper for sure. Minstrel
  9. Unknown Gold Panner

    Very nice pic--wish I had the original for my collection Minstrel
  10. Donald Duck

    Donald Duck and Daisy Duck were spending the night together in a hotel room and Donald wanted to have sex with Daisy. > > > > > > > > The first thing Daisy asked was, 'Do you have a condom?' > > > > > > > > Donald frowned and said, 'No.' > > > > > > > > Daisy told Donald that if he didn't get a...
  11. Biggest Scam--posted for information only--sent to me

    I leave the article for everyone to decide for themselves. Some I have known to be true, others not sure. Minstrel
  12. Lost a nephew

    I was hoping it might help and glad that it did. Minstrel
  13. Biggest Scam--posted for information only--sent to me

    Here is a link on the Federal Reserve--I don't believe in conspiracy theories such as listed in the article but it is interesting reading--you will find several more links at the end of the article if you desire more information. This was sent to me from a friend and I am only posting it as...
  14. Photo for my collection--Miners, early 1900s

    Photo for my collection--Miners, early 1900's I just received this for my collection today---Miners in Alaska, early 1900's. Scanner is down so took pic with my camera, bright spot in lower portion is from my flash.
  15. Chewing Gum . . .

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  16. Lost a nephew

    Very sorry to hear of your loss. Here is an Irish prayer for you: Death is nothing at all. It does not count. I have only slipped away into the next room. Everything remains as it was. The old life that we lived so fondly together is untouched, unchanged. Whatever we were to each other, that we...
  17. Archie Wised up, fan got Mad

    Movie star was Ginger

    Miss Sally Edwards is a highly esteemed teacher at County Elementary School. In an effort to prepare her students for the all-important TAKS test, she compiled an exam consisting of 20 questions,which she administered to her class last Tuesday. The exam purposely covered a broad array of...
  19. How to Shrink a Quarter to the size of a dime

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  20. Wobbling Earth Triggers Climate Change

    Aug. 14, 2009 -- Regular wobbles in the Earth's tilt were responsible for the global warming episodes that interspersed prehistoric ice ages, according to new evidence. The finding is the result of research led by Russell Drysdale of the University of Newcastle that has been able to accurately...