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  1. ๐Ÿฅ‡ BANNER Bottle with a note inside 5 to 6 inches deep in the ground.

    Geeze Louise, rodgerdodger! This thread came across my FB feed and I HAD to come and see what you've dug! That was a LONG read, but well worth the time. Love your find! I hope you all can figure out who, what, when and where. Congrats on banner! WTG! Nana :hello:
  2. Razorback Relic Hunt with Okie Friends-VIDEO

    A fine bunch of relics and a fine bunch of relic hunters! Looks like a great time! โ€‹Merry Christmas!!!
  3. In Memory of Mental Granny "Evy" ~ TNet Member

    I am going to miss her sweet nature. She loved everyone..especially her grand babies. We all had the best times together, and I'll never forget her. Prayers for her family and friends.
  4. Heart Rosette, 11 CW bullets, and Doug finds a Lucky Charm on last 2 hunts

    WTG on the finds! Love the rosette! As soon as you get some rain and fall temps, send it southward! lol Nana :hello:
  5. Successful CW Relic Scouting Hunt-Doug almost has a stroke-VIDEO

    Awe man! When I read your email I couldn't wait to see what Doug found! Dang. Cow tag. lol But it's the thrill of the hunt, huh. ;) Congrats on those finds! I bet ya'll will find a bunch more relics there this year. Thank goodness summer is all but over. Now we just need some rain. Enjoyed the...
  6. Turkeyrtail, Dalton, & Big Pink Ledbetter Point from our last 2 Hunts at River Site

    Amazing finds, you two! Thanks for taking us along. Happy Belated Birthday, Steve. :) Nana
  7. ๐Ÿฅ‡ BANNER Military buckle?

    What an amazing find! Man, I'd be researching like crazy trying to find out who might have lived there back in the day. Can you imagine? Who, why and when? No doubt I'm posting my banner vote. WTG Bird!! I hope you bring it to the FL hunt this fall!!! Many congrats to you!! Nana
  8. 6,000-9,000 Year Old Lost Lake Point during N.A.Village Hunt Today-VIDEO

    Just beautiful, Q & Steve!! That low humidity was nice, wasn't it? Happy 4th!! Nana
  9. Finally, A 8,000-11,000 Year Old Paleo Artifact from the River Site

    I found a piece of flint in the back yard last week and thought about you and Steve finding all those great TN artifacts. Maybe I should get Charlie to plow the back yard? lol Great going on the finds! And Steve, I'm sure, is very proud of his Dad! The medals are amazing.
  10. Batteries Not Needed-Cumberland River N.A. Artifacts-VIDEO

    Super finds, you two! That artifact collection is growing!
  11. Tenn. CW Bullets, Model T or A Valve Stem Cover, & N.A. Flint Scraper Today

    OH boy! With those finds, I'd have to get the bushhog out and jump back in there! WTG, you two!! And Happy Birthday to our dear friend, Breezie! We love ya girl....... Nana
  12. Paying the Dues at a Late 1800s Tennessee Log Cabin Site-VIDEO

    :hello: You got some pretty cool huntin' buddies. ;) I've paid my dues many times! The thrill of the hunt keeps us going, eh?
  13. USA TL-29 Army issue Pocketknife from WW2 Army Maneuvers

    So very cool, Quindy! That was a great hunt! :)
  14. Just returned from TEXAS - Republic Of Texas buttons X2, Dragoon, Aritillery, & MORE!

    A relic hunters dream hunt!! I vote double banner on those buttons! Many congrats to ya!!!
  15. US Bit Boss,Eagle Buttons, & Bullets from Gen. Crooks U.S. hunted uut camp

    Whoa! Ya know, Q made fun of those boots today, but those may be your lucky boots, Josh! What some great finds today! Congrats! Nana that pic of Papa's baby girl.
  16. ARK. CW Hunt-Brass Buttplate, Union Staff Officers & Eagle "I" buttons, & More-VIDEO

    OH me..that site looks like a bugger to hunt, but wow did you all find some great keepers! I especially like the poker chip. Glad ya'll made it there and back before the snowy weather starts. WTG on the finds! Nana
  17. Dmans Circa 1840 lock , OBryan Bros button, & 50 cal. WW2 Cartridge Today

    What? No Burt and Brad video? I would imagine Burt would be turning cartwheels and jumping over cows now that he's free from the shop. That would have been entertaining. haha! Congrats on your retirement! And congrats on the finds. Any day hunting is better than not. ;) Nana :hello:
  18. 7.8 Troy Ounce Gold Nugget 18k-20k, a small Clunker too

    That is so very cool, Ant! Congrats!
  19. Relics of Union Soldiers Sitting around a Campfire-VIDEO

    Terrific hunting, Quindy! Merry Christmas to the Tennesseeeeee Trio!
  20. Round 2 ...... 2 1/2 Hours at the Ballfield again

    You ended up with a great hunt! Congrats! Nana