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  1. Sold my AT PRO

    My wife keeps all the rings that fit her finger...
  2. Good week in Stuart, FL

    I hunt the beaches a lot without headphones. Sometimes I just want to hear the beach sounds and/or the headphones get too hot on a real warm day. When the surf or wind is up, the headphones go back on so I can hear the tones. To each their own... :occasion14:
  3. Someone actually seeded my beach with fake treasure. Really cruel.

    Funny that I found two of the exact same replicas on the beach of Jekyell Island a few weeks ago. The coins were crusty, but after a few tense looks, they were too uniform to be old. The coins were in the right spot, just the wrong age. :BangHead:
  4. Security guard on Saint Pete Beach

    Vacationers from all over the world come to St Pete Beach to enjoy the sand & water. Many people come here to metal detect, which is a favored beach activity. The publicity from this video will not help the Tourist Industry in St Pete, as many metal detector hobbyists will find friendlier...
  5. Diggers new season

    If I never hear "roundness in the hole" again, it is just fine by me!
  6. LOST: Mens Yellow Gold Wedding Ring with Inscription-Lost at Siesta Key (Sarasota)

    Suggestion... Post on Craigs List too. A lot of MDers watch that . Eddy Current
  7. rign tabs are artifacts

    I think most of the ring pull tabs have been picked up by me! Sorry about that.
  8. Beach finds....Day 1

    Ring days are always good!
  9. Official Records

    Try looking the titles up on Google Books... there may be some info on them
  10. Why use a magnet in your sand scoop???

    i got my magnets from a used PC hard drive - just used some Gorilla glue to hold in place.
  11. Seeded beach :(

    I DIG THEM ALL... found 100 pennies a few times... and a few gold rings interrupted the random digging. DIG WHAT YOU WANT!
  12. Steel penny

    I found a bunch of 1943 cents when I was young. The ones I kept are now getting rusty despite my best efforts...
  13. Florida Bug bites - Prevention?

    Moved to FL about 1 year ago and my hunting was fine using DEET 25%. Now it seems that DEET is just a NEON SIGN saying bite me. Plus the red ant welts... ANY SUGGESTIONS?:BangHead:
  14. A little piece of history on a Florida beach

    I found the same type shell, from the same armory, at the same beach about 3 months ago. The area was used for training during WW2 and these things show up every once in a while. When they dredge & replenish the sand the stuff comes in for us to find. I have been told there is even civil war...
  15. How To Detect Around RailRoads?

    Be careful hunting around railroad tracks... trespass laws come into play and the authorities might take a strong action against you. I remember reading a long time ago on this forum that a guy was metal detecting on a railroad right of way and the cops took his metal detector and fined him...
  16. Any Tesoro Sand Shark users out there ?

    If she is planning on hunting in the salt surf it is a great machine... but understand that it will ID EVERYTHING including bobby pins and iron - and it will find it all deep. I love mine.
  17. lip stick tube or what

    Yes it is a lipstick tube. I found one just like yours a few years ago. A similar one was on EBay for $10 in good shape. ENYOY! :occasion14:
  18. Why do all the threads have the cheers n beers guys?

    I would have done the "wine" icon, but i do not like wine... MAYBE this is a Joe six pack forum???
  19. Stupidest New Adventures with Jim Video

    I agree! :occasion14: