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  1. Small silver bracelet with turquoise

    Hi all. Found this last weekend but didn't get around to posting it until today. Found at the same 1950's house where I found that large Turkish silver coin. It came out of the ground in pretty good shape. I'm surprised I didn't mangle it. :laughing7: Thanks for looking.
  2. Found a big unusual silver coin

    I've often wondered how people could lose large silver coins and not realize it.
  3. Found a big unusual silver coin

    Thanks! Honestly, it wasn't a great signal. I think it may have been on edge because I also missed my pinpoint and it was in the side wall of the hole. I didn't take it negative at all. I knew what you meant. :icon_thumleft: And thanks!
  4. Found a big unusual silver coin

    Thanks everyone!
  5. Found a big unusual silver coin

    Same here. I had no idea what it was until I got home and was able to google it.
  6. Found a big unusual silver coin

    Found this yesterday at a 1950's house. Up untill then, I had only found a couple wheat cents and no other silvers so it was a shock when it popped out. When I first dug it, I didn't recognize any details so I was hoping it wasn't an aluminum token or some other bazinga. Turned out to be a...
  7. Found something today that I did not want to find.

    Sorry man. That sucks. I've only been got once in my 7 plus years of detecting. Got in a nest and one hit me right above the eye. I got out quick, so it was just the one sting. I was able to retrieve my detector but my buddy had to get my shovel for me the next day after they had calmed down...
  8. A Couple of Hunted Out Spots Still Producing

    Congrats! I'd be thrilled to find those!
  9. Nice Civil War Hunt With Cut Spanish

    Congrats man! That's an amazing hunt.
  10. Large copper?

    Hi all. Found this holed "copper" today. At least that's what I'm thinking it is. It rings up a little lower than a US copper. (US - 95, Unknown - 89) I can't make out any details, but I'm hoping some of you more familiar with large coppers may see some details that I don't. I have no idea if...

    My banner vote is in. That is an amazing button. Congrats.
  12. NC Find of a Lifetime

    You called them trolls. Not being rude goes both ways. I think they were just wanting some details of the hunt. You can do that without providing location. But it's certainly not a requirement to provide a backstory. Nice find by the way. Was Arch with you when you found it?
  13. Worn 20 Cent piece

    Dec 17th.
  14. Worn 20 Cent piece

    I guess nobody is going to mention it. I don't want to get banned so I'll reserve my comments... for now.
  15. Worn 20 Cent piece

  16. Worn 20 Cent piece

    Post better pics.
  17. Worn 20 Cent piece

    Let's see some better pics.
  18. โŽ SOLD Minelab Equinox 800.

    Sold for real this time.
  19. Steam engine firebox door?

    Got the likely ID on a train forum. It's a journal box cover. When swung open it reveals the end of the axle.