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  1. California Dredging

    What are the Current Dredging Laws/Restrictions in California?
  2. Which metal detector for this situation

    Just to add my 2 Cents Here. Chances are, the Target you are looking for is no more than arms length in the ground. Most jar holes were dug with post hole digger since bout 1880. Most would not dig past arms length, for retrieval purpose. It would be a rarity to find one deeper.
  3. Success Stories?

    I can tell this, as he is long dead at this time. Robert Williams, a Black Man from Winnsboro, La. Dowsed a casket in a slave grave yard, full of Civil War Plantation Gold and Silver. He bought land, farm equipment, churches and the first Infinity Car in Louisiana. His story was never made...
  4. Open minded skeptic dowsing virgin

    How wide apart do you set the coins Dowser?

    I will work on this tomorrow. Thanks

    When looking for a specific metal (Gold or Silver), should you load your L Rods or will they work just as good as they are?

    Will give it a try, Thanks Art.

    Hey aarthrj3811. Please explain exactly what you mean here and I will do it tomorrow. I take it, that you want me to step on top of an individual coin? Do you remember map dowsing a field for me several years back? Well this is the same place. I have been out of state working for the last...

    NEED SOME BASIC L-ROD INFO. I am trying to locate a Silver/Gold Cache in a search area of about 70 acres. I have made two L-Rods out of brass cloth-hangers, that I have played with in the yard, using a roll of silver 50 cent pieces in a zip lock bag. I am trying to grip the rods fairly...
  10. my trommel build

    GG,,,, Ginger and I are getting real close to going full time. I had a few health issues that set us back a little. Looking at Fifth Wheels and Motorhomes, trying to see which will be a better fit. We are back in Louisiana at this time, as obama has shut down our pipeline project.
  11. Gold hunting prospecting tips.

    Without a doubt, one of the best threads I have read in a long time. Thanks for all the info Lanny, Bejay, Etc.

    Reed was spot on. Sometimes we need to just enjoy the show. But I still see a lot of fine gold going off the end of those sluice boxes.
  13. Todays Desert Prospecting Adventure

    Nobody is really buying all of this,,,surely not.
  14. GPAA new forum!

    The GPAA has been going down hill for quite a while, even before they sold out. After Perry bailed out, Tom just kept getting more and more goofy acting. Got to where his TV Show got harder and harder to watch. So unlike what the Buzzard was about. Miss him a lot. Nuff Said.
  15. Summer of 99

    A Better TIme It Was For Sure Goldwasher. How I wish I had been in prospecting back in the late 60"s and early 70"s as a much younger man.
  16. The Grand Deception In the Precious Metals Industry

    Same here RJC. Mine is in actual metal and adding to it as I can.
  17. CON MAN...

    Without calling names, There has also been con-men on the T-Net Forum, as some of us can testify too. Always be leery of those that want front money for any adventure. Nuff Said.
  18. Bering Sea Gold season 3 - 12/13/13

    AK Au DIver, Thanks for putting the true reality in a reality program. I set back while watching the last episode and could not understand why the two of you were not speaking up. It was obvious that you two held the high cards but all we could hear was Zeke going on and on like he was almost...
  19. Hate to watch Gold Rush due to Todd Hoffman

    GG, I have a friend that knows Fred. He said that Fred is building a real dredge for the Glory Hole. Gonna be a dangerous place to hand dredge, so there still may be some automation of some type.
  20. GGs $65 Wastebasket Drywasher (updated)

    Too much weight in that big ole van and on those steep grades for sure GG. Looked at the photo and sight you sent me. Will talk back tomorrow off line. Glad you got to make one of those trips of a lifetime. Later.