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  1. Has anyone heard from Somehiker (Wayne Spencer)?

    I'm pleased to let everyone know that Wayne (Somehiker) is still alive and kicking!! I was able to reach someone who told me that he has been dealing with after affects of treatment for some health problems and it's difficult for him to spend any time at the computer. I told this person to...
  2. Has anyone heard from Somehiker (Wayne Spencer)?

    I hope he is too - all I can say is it is VERY unlike him to be vacant here for 3 months. Plus he was not at the Rendezvous this year and he’s been to every one I have.
  3. Has anyone heard from Somehiker (Wayne Spencer)?

    I've tried emailing him and leaving notes here but no response. I know he was friends/partners with someone else here (Vast Terrain?) someone named Tim something. I hate to think the worst, but he was always a regular here so can't help being a bit concerned.
  4. How many on here are following this Mine trail

    I echo what the others have said. I can't say I really "search" for any gold per se, but I love the solitude and the history of the Superstitions. I've seen rattlesnakes, scorpions, coatimundi's, bighorn sheep, javalina, big centipedes, deer and lots of different birds and insects - even got a...
  5. Another Dutch Hunter Crosses Over

    I'm not sure who you're referring to, but Joe Ribaudo passed away in 2020.
  6. Hank Sheffer, The old storyteller.

    Sorry to hear that - I've read some of his books and articles, but never had the chance to meet him.

  8. Dutch hunter stops the search after 54 years .

    How can a person "STOP A SEARCH" if they've already said they found it years ago?? I really wish I had saved every, "I'm quitting the search" posts by BB over the last 15 years or so - bet there have been at least 1 for every year. Somewhere in the great afterlife, I'm sure Joe Ribaudo is...
  9. Another Dutch Hunter Crosses Over

    Oh my gosh!!! I haven't kept in touch with Eric for the last few years but I used to see posts on his Facebook page - usually he and his wife playing with his dog or him out working on framing homes. I can't believe he passed away - that's a real shame :( I was out in the mountains with him a...
  10. Another Dutch Hunter Crosses Over

    I don't visit TNet much anymore, but someone emailed me with the news about Dave. He and I corresponded a number of times, met in AZ and spent a little time together. I hate seeing all these folks passing away :(. I liked Dave - he was a straight shooter and knew A LOT of the old timers and...
  11. Doc Thorne gold...Is it an easier legend than the LDM

    Well I'm about 99.9999999% certain Clay would never partner up with Kurt - at least I certainly hope not. Clay has been screwed over before by dishonest and untrustworthy people - hope it doesn't happen again.
  12. Doc Thorne gold...Is it an easier legend than the LDM

    I can't take all the credit. I asked around to a bunch of people asking if anyone had an idea of where the black and white view was located. I had guesses from all along the Apache Trail - based on the rest of the article I had a feeling it was in the Mesquite Flat area but I had someone who...
  13. Doc Thorne gold...Is it an easier legend than the LDM

    I'm not sure I understand your second statement - who would most likely be looking and did you mean for instead of or? You're not insinuating that Kurt is trying to partner with Clay?
  14. Doc Thorne gold...Is it an easier legend than the LDM

    I've heard a few stories about Jim and his threats but never experienced them firsthand. I don't think Jim trusted me at all - he didn't like that I knew so many from so many different "camps" in the LDM community - he always told me I needed to pick one because by being friendly with them all...
  15. Doc Thorne gold...Is it an easier legend than the LDM

    The black and white image came from an article I found awhile ago (that I can't seem to find right now) by an author interested in Yavapai history and culture. Mike Burns was his "source" and Mike pointed out this spot as being "Quail's Roost" where Yavapai would gather for celebrations etc...
  16. Clay Worst search area

    Yeah - looking at it that way I do agree.
  17. Clay Worst search area

    I don't have the exact location of where we were, but the red circle is a pretty good estimate although it may have been higher up
  18. Clay Worst search area

    I thought that too, however that's assuming the board house was where I think it was, but I wonder if you went to the ridge Wayne went to and looked to the NW (towards where Hedrick said the board house was) if the dacite cliffs would be in the background like Tom's photo shows?
  19. Clay Worst search area

    I just popped onto Tom Kollenborn's Facebook page and came across the same photo as above, BUT reversed!!! So which one is actually the correct image if one were to stand right where the photo was taken?? I'm also including Tom's comments...