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  1. Silver Bonanza Including 2 Walkers and an SLQ!!!

    The silver coins got a little toothpaste rub. The ring and chain got a ride on the buffing wheel and the nickel, which was really bad got electrolysis. Unfortunately I got my anodes mixed up and used one from a copper object previously, hence the copper color.
  2. More from the bulldozed farm site

    Very cool recoveries, thanks for posting!
  3. Holy shotshells

    Very nice quarter, congrats!
  4. Thought I found a nazi coin!

    I found one with 'Boy Scouts Of America' on the reverse, by eyeball, when I was 12 years old walking the AZ desert looking for arrowheads. Still have it.
  5. 1898 Cripple Creek dog tag, indian.

    Great finds, love the tag, congrats!
  6. Lock latch

    It's a cool piece, clean it up and repost.
  7. Silver Bonanza Including 2 Walkers and an SLQ!!!

    Another bit of rain yesterday so I went back to the gravel lot and listened deep. I was quickly rewarded with a 1946 Walker, and then a 1936 only 8-10 feet away! That's the second time that has happened to me, the first being in 2021 high in the Sierra forest. These four are the only Walkers...
  8. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

    Oh yeah, banner vote is in! Stellar find, huge congrats to you!
  9. Dumb luck but Iโ€™ll take it

    Nice going, congrats on a great hunt!
  10. Bunch of neat brass finds! Any guesses on dates?

    Great finds, congrats! I've found about a dozen of those hose nozzles but never quite that old, very cool!
  11. Public fishing access today

    Keep at it, I'm sure those littering fools lost something good out there!
  12. 2- 1788 Connecticut Coppers, 1- 1804 Half Cent

    Wow, you're on a great spot, congrats!
  13. Who Says Colonial Shoe Buckles Aren't Sexy!

    Oh yeah, she's a beauty all right, definitely worthy of the red-carpet treatment!
  14. A Couple More Hours At The Large Cent Site

    Good hunt, congrats!
  15. Double silver!

    Sweet silver scores, congrats! I found a ring with that same marking last month. I was also skeptical.
  16. From the field

    Some nice finds, thanks for posting!
  17. Sweet Finds From The Old Dump! (Revised)

    I think all the buffalos I find weren't circulated long before loss, I've only found one that was dateless so far.
  18. Sweet Finds From The Old Dump! (Revised)

    Aha, that would explain the hashmarks, good call!
  19. Sweet Finds From The Old Dump! (Revised)

    Thanks Kody! I have no idea, was hoping someone on here would recognize it.
  20. Sweet Finds From The Old Dump! (Revised)

    Nice, thanks!