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  1. Banks wont order boxes of Halves, south of Boston

    I will be very surprised if TD can order halves for you. Good luck!
  2. Avagos Goodies

    Very cool yearly breakdown Avago, I love it! 2017 has been the worst year for me too, your numbers blew mine out of the water. Hope 2018 much better for both of us. HH Buff
  3. Guessing Game - 17 Ender Box!!!

    Amazing!!! What a way to end 2017. Hope you can top that this year!
  4. Year End Totals

    Hey Fish on!, 2017 has been the worst year of hunting for me-- 54% of my yearly silver came from only two half dollar boxes, and they weren't even close to being dream boxes. Congrats on a good year considering all of the circumstances you've been through. Good to see you post! HH Buff
  5. Normally I don't post my WAMs, but.....

    Nice find! good to see you posting MM2, happy holidays to you.
  6. Where do you dump??

    Good to see you post TZ, unfortunately, no bank near me has coin counters anymore, and those that do want to charge some crazy amount like 10% even if you bank there... good luck! You might have to reroll.
  7. Percentage of Skunk Boxes

    I started keeping detailed records this year... From January-Now, my skunk rate for half dollar boxes is currently 77.24%. My lowest skunk rate was in May, at 65.22%. 2017 has been by far the worst year for CRH I've had in 7 years.
  8. Gotta Love CWRS

    amazing score, congrats!!!

    Welcome back!

    Awesome score!! However, I do not recommend asking tellers for certain year coins-- they might wonder why you wanted halves from the 60s and older and do some research and save the silver for themselves next time. Always buy them all. This is why it is called coin roll hunting.
  11. SBA wide rim/close date-- marked by dimwit

    did a box of dollars a while back and found four of the Wide rim/close date varieties, as well as several 1981 NIFC's and a dozen proof dollar coins-- you might want to look into ordering a box.
  12. 2017: The Strange and Terrible Saga of CRH

    wow congrats on finding some silvers!! Hopefully this is the turning point and we will find some silver now!
  13. Unexpected find from a CWR of cents.

    Hey MM2, that is one of the coolest finds I've seen posted on here, congrats on a neat piece of civil war history found in a cent roll. Nice seeing you post! HH Buff
  14. A week for the record books!!

    That is amazing how some person could dump so many silver halves at once, congrats on a find of a lifetime!
  15. Maverick Checking in...DREAM BOXES! YES, BOXES!

    Hey Mav, congrats man!!! You've had more luck with dream boxes than anyone else I know of on here, its simply amazing how you can stumble across such great boxes-- and in the middle of a skunky streak nonetheless. This proves that even if thigns get bad, to never give up. Great job on probably...
  16. Bag of halves $1000

    Awesome!! The odds of you getting skunked on a bag that has been sitting on the coin machine for so long is slim to none, glad you were able to stack away nearly 4.5 oz of silver!
  17. Bag of halves $1000

    I've had the opportunity to purchase 2 $1000 half dollar bags off of different coin machines before... each bag produced nicely, about 60 and 90 silvers in each bag. Good luck!
  18. Checking In _ Tested the Waters Again

    Good to see you posting again, not a bad haul from 8 boxes either!!
  19. It's not loose, it's solid

    Congrats!!! Sure makes up for the lack of silver in the boxes these days.
  20. 67.86 %

    Congrats on a nice pile of silver, still waiting for my first solid roll!