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  1. Hunch Leads To Big Pile Of Silver!

    I like hunting rest areas although my finds are modern. It makes sense to check old rest areas.
  2. 2 inch shark tooth - Bakersfield, Ca area

    Pretty cool My Brother found a lot of sharks teeth on a jobsite he was working in the Los Angeles hills.
  3. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Mystery copper object

    I think it is a car part from like a Model A or T I am pretty sure I have seen one on Tnet before?
  4. Finally found something worth more than a quarter!

    I found one in a playground mine is blue,They are a nice knife.
  5. New to this. Monterey / Salinas area

    Go on Youtube and find Monterey Magnet Man, he magnet fishes and detects you can see some areas he goes to. Your AT Pro probably won't do good in wet sand but in the dry it will do fine. When I come down there I hit all the playgrounds in the parks and have found gold jewelry and silver jewelry...
  6. My Equinox died same day I find a big 10k class ring

    I am sure if you send in your Equinox it can be repaired. Nice ring .
  7. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Need help identifying this steel glass and marble turntable stand

    I was thinking the same way, It looks like a 50's or 60's dining room table base or a bar stool base turned upside down.
  8. ✅ SOLVED Script or celtic design?

    I think the one I saw was two door handles on the Chinese restaurant there. So I would look up Chinese symbols.
  9. ✅ SOLVED Script or celtic design?

    I've seen that in a Chinatown here in California I think.
  10. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Vintage or Antique Cast Iron Table?

    It is pretty bare bones missing the foot treadle and the wheel. I wouldn't pay more than $10.00 myself. But my Sister owns 7 (Singers, New Home and Whites) all need refurbished but in semi decent condition. They were all free.
  11. .

    I agree with DizzyDigger, areas around Taft might be good but I think out around Highway 58 and Weed patch highway is one of the earliest settlement areas.
  12. What’s true and what’s not

    Detecting is a treasure hunt so obviously if you are out detecting you are seeking lost treasure. A story is how all treasure is found, buried caches, stolen loot from train robberies or bank robberies.
  13. Did i just find a huge gold necklace?????

    No all clasps are not magnetic and the corrosion also gave mine away. But I'll weigh my 2 chains up and you can send me the $ minus 35% so you can make a profit on my Ghetto gold.
  14. Today’s Treasure xx

    I think the bugs were playing tug-of-war LOL.
  15. Did i just find a huge gold necklace?????

    Put a magnet to the clasp. I have found 2 gold chains marked 14k Italy both were fake or what I refer to as Ghetto gold. They sell a lot of fake gold at the Joyeria stores, Mexican jewelry stores.
  16. Last Few Hunts and Forign Coinstar Haul With Silvers.

    You're going to have to get some Scuba gear and do the water, there is probably some gold rings out there waiting to be found.
  17. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED wooden cylinder

    Maybe the butt end of a fishing pole.