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  1. King Arthur in ANNWN (Other World)

    Must be for the attention
  2. Can some one tell me how much this precious metal is worth

    I have never seen silver crack nor have I seen it with a white oxide coating, but aluminum does exhibit those characteristics most of the time.
  3. King Arthur in ANNWN (Other World)

    Book sales, :laughing7:
  4. Looking for a story

    No matter, I still welcome you to the topic. :occasion14:
  5. Looking for a story

    I had forgotten about Roger, :laughing7:
  6. Looking for a story

    Looks like someone migrated over here from the Oak Island matter, welcome.
  7. Can some one tell me how much this precious metal is worth

    I am sure that what you have is aluminum, notice the crack.....silver would not do that.
  8. King Arthur in ANNWN (Other World)

    If you buy my book, I will throw in a bridge. :laughing7:
  9. My own Oak Island....Possible Shipwreck ?

    Excellent post, much more interesting than the curse of Oak Island. Congratulations :occasion14:
  10. Meteorite or slag ?

    Not a meteorite, here is why the section you cut shows gas pockets, a meteorite would not have gas pockets, meteorites which have been found that look like your specimen would have had olivine in those spaces which eroded away but since your cut is fresh and shows no olivine, it must be a gas...
  11. Very smooth half sphere rock found in creek

    I think it is just a rock that got broken by the spade if a back hoe, still it is a cool find indeed.
  12. Looking for a story

    That is also my opinion as to how the mine was found, so that would imply that the mine should be locatable by regular search methods. this is important because it would have to place the mine in a location where gold would be expected to be, or....where a mine was able to be opened. I recall...
  13. Secret Cave With A 1000' Elevator

    Love the stories, thank you Jeff
  14. Looking for a story

    May I chime in and ask a question? did waltz use any clues when he found the mine the very first time?.......or, did he find the mine just by looking as would any prospector? TYIA
  15. Possible Meteorite Space Rock?? Found on railroad tracks near my house!

    I found something similar near some RR tracks as well, quite a few years ago. It was unbelievably heavy and left no streak. It turned out to be titanium ore. apparently it fell off of a rail road car.
  16. King Arthur in ANNWN (Other World)

    AND, he never answers any direct question, choosing to ignore the elephant in the room.
  17. First post. Is it live?: Anti-aircraft shell.

    I do not know and can not give a recommendation
  18. First post. Is it live?: Anti-aircraft shell.

    There is no way to tell by looking at your specimen, however it would be prudent to treat it as if it were a live round. no hunk of rusty metal is worth your fingers. you may want to look into fulminated mercury, it was used in warheads and becomes extremely sensitive with age, please do not...
  19. King Arthur in ANNWN (Other World)

    OK, still, you said that Arthurs troops were not in Wales when the comet hit, they were in Normandy. regardless if they were fighting or not, a camp of 70,000 would have been huge. if they all were not in Normandy, and not in Wales....where were they?