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  1. Used Pinpointer only

    Hello all, I recently bought a piece of property and finally made time to hunt it today, location is a little dilapidated yard barn, while cleaning it out, i found a few pieces of change atop the ground. I decided to get my pinpointer out and wow lots of goodies in small area, about 3 foot...
  2. 🏆 HONORABLE MENTION Class ring found and returned

    Your a good man charlie brown
  3. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Any thgts?

    Im pretty sure it is a quarter,, what is that other thing 🤦‍♂😉
  4. Panama canal

    Thank you all for input,
  5. Panama canal

    Always looking for flea market stuff,, today i found this cool medallion , i dont know anything about it, any suggestions would be read thanks
  6. Dead horse

    Thanks for that info, i was thinking it may have been early monopoly game peice
  7. Dead horse

    Nice day to get the stink blown off me,, found a zinc penny , 1979 penny, and a horse… yay . Had fun
  8. Starrett 72 inch

    Many times on my way to work I stop by a flea market type store, the other day I seen a steel straight edge, 6 foot long, i grabbed it , thinking I can use this on my upolstery work or my wood working, as I looked at it I seen the starrett name, wow , what a find, then I seen the price sticker...
  9. 2021 Garrett Memorial Hunt

    Well here I set, in canton Texas, waiting for morning to start the Charles Garrett memorial hunt, raining at the moment, so looking foward to playin in the mud tomorrow, met up with a couple folks I originally met in 2018 when it was in Jefferson to, this year has got to be the best so far ...
  10. Finns treasure

    Mr Fenn has confirmed it has been found,,, notice proper spelling of last name.
  11. Backpacks

    if ya wanna make your own check out back pack kits. you may want to reach further into those deep pockets of yours, .
  12. WW2 USA Navy Silver Dogtag Need help to give back

    we care,, im glad you do also....i dont know how to help you,,,please keep trying ,, good morals and ethics are kinda rare nowdays... thank you for yours
  13. Charles Garrett Memorial Hunt 1V Cancelled

    I see...... said the blind man, as he picked up his hammer and saw. Confirmed at garrett web site, wow what a concept go right to the source, So that 25 thousand dollar travel trailer I bought to use on Garrett weekend will set in my driveway. geesh this metal detecting is an expensive...
  14. Charles Garrett Memorial Hunt 1V Cancelled

    yea i just checked email..NO notice of cancelation...where did you get your information?
  15. Charles Garrett Memorial Hunt 1V Cancelled

    i have confirmation to go....i have recieved nothing indicaying it has been canceled

    congrats to you.,,
  17. Trump to Declare National Emergency Today

    my neighboor is quaratined, because he had contact wit his son in law who just came home from service,,one important detail he is quaratined waiting for results from test..not because he has it, yesteday i was talking to him he said it will be 2 weeks before he knows oh maybe i should say we...
  18. Charles Garrett memorial hunt 2020

    im thinkin 2 years ago 400 signed up. if memory serves me. great chance to meet and greet like minded folks. always able to learn a bit about detecting, and share a little of what works for me.
  19. Charles Garrett memorial hunt 2020

    yes sir,,good lord willing i will be there. went 2 years ago. great time. will be traveling from NW Ohio..
  20. The grandaddy of all Treasure Puzzles FORREST FENNS POEM

    wow, they say an alcoholic drinks to create his own Psychosis. Others dont need alcohol. Holy mackerel Andy ,, my head hurts trying to understand all that.. it may be believable if not for all the condescending judgmental rants. Such as this post..... Opinions are just that, I have...