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  1. D2 Full tones and iron audio

    Check SILENCER and B CAP reject settings. Otherwise try to download and install the patch again.
  2. Why doesn't XP support Apple?
  3. ❎ SOLD Minelab Sovereign

    If you have the SOV GT why would you want a Sovereign? The GT is the best of series I think. Or are you after the first SOV model they had?
  4. ❎ SOLD Minelab Sovereign

    Isn't that blue box one in the pic a sovereign gt?
  5. My response to Simplex os better than Equinox

    You give someone something for free and they will say it cures cancer.
  6. New Detector series from Minelab

    I wish the companies would stop with the fancy Videos and sideshows and put that much effort into their metal detectors.
  7. And yet another flooded Equinox..

    But there was also a guy on here taking his CTX with a thicker o-ring to 60ft depths and when it leaked claimed the warranty. I agree honest warranties should be taking care of but I think the NOX is going to push the limits of dishonest warranties because more people can afford them. Almost...
  8. And yet another flooded Equinox..

    They raised the prices on the EXCAL and people still bought them because they worked. The price increase started right around when they started to leak and the pots started locking up from the salt and the warranties started coming in. The only thing that slowed down EXCAL sales was the release...
  9. And yet another flooded Equinox..

    Well when prices rise on the NOX we can blame the force flooders/divers and the people that just wanted a new machine before warranty expired.
  10. another flooded Nox...

    I am in the water all summer long does NY not allow that?
  11. Whats going on minelab???

    Mine does this thing where the audio starts to fade and then sounds like a echo. I thought it was the headphones I built and maybe water getting past the Epoxy to the wires but I will have to keep an eye on it now.
  12. Whites creating anything new

    They need something more than the single freq machines they offer. We are in new times. I also think they headed in the right direction with the V3I but it is out dated now. They should be making that machine water proof to 10 feet and much smaller and lighter to get with the times. People give...
  13. Nokta Simplex Sets a New Standard for Entry Level Machines!

    Can you post any of your test videos with it Terry?
  14. My thought's on Steve's Detector rod..

    Looks like I need to pick one up in the future.
  15. First time on beach with Equinox 800 - impressive sensitivity!

    Sometimes I think it is to sensitive when chasing small pieces of foil. I actually started using park 1 in fresh water at a couple of beaches this year.
  16. Letting go...

    New or old tone?
  17. My DIY Metal Sand Scoop

    My 7" DIY is going on 2 years now. Built it from scrap metal and salt does get to it so I paint it yearly.
  18. Web site issues

    I would look for all treasurenet COOKIEs and delete them.