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  1. Unknown artifact

    It's a broken coat hook from the 1700s did some research
  2. Unknown artifact

    By seeing the green I'm going to say it's old I know not everything that's green is old but the way the green is on this I'm going to say its old
  3. Unknown artifact

    6294[/ATTACH] found it in a very old field today I only had 12 minutes sadly.
  4. 20190526 191514

    20190526 191514

  5. Banner find ?

    Oh ok
  6. Banner find ?

    I found this last year it was under ground but it was surrounded by what looked like cloth and I'm guessing that's why it was preserved. It came up at a high 90 on my Garrett at pro this was before I got the at max my find was about 2 feet away from a super old oak tree. My guess is the tree was...
  7. A few more Civil war relics.

    Sweet finds!
  8. A good start.

    Great finds!
  9. Is this a flintlock part?

    Good find!
  10. ✅ SOLVED What did I find?

    Or iron handcuffs idk looks cool . I would keep that
  11. ✅ SOLVED What did I find?

    Possibley iron leg shackles I'm probably wrong. Looks to small actually
  12. Old stable property

    That 1800s button looks like it's made of lead is it heavy? The one next to the key

    I'm very excited I found it with the Mica still intact!
  14. 20190512 091844

    20190512 091844

  15. 20190512 091825

    20190512 091825

  16. Found an interesting glass item

    It says Avon engraved
  17. Found an interesting glass item

    Found it today with other things like a glass knife sadly it was broken so I left it