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  1. what are these from ( SOLVED!)

    I didn't see where anyone got the name right but it is early in the morning for me. Those caps are called the Baltimore Loop seal. I have found hundreds underwater with the rubber band like seal around them I even have two broken...
  2. Anyone know what this pendant is? Found at 1920's home Thanks!

    It is for sure an older aluminum St Christopher medal. 1930's vintage. Exact one shown below. All the zodiac signs on the front and same car on reverse...
  3. Found today and I don't know what is.

    Uniflow made shallow water water pumps and I am THINKING this has something to do with one. The middle piece has a similar look to yours but who knows MY 2¢
  4. Just in Time, A Christmas Laugh!

    Here is a brand new high end detector that folks will be raving about!! Be the first on this site to own one and put all the others to shame...
  5. 🥇 BANNER !!! 1652 Pine Tree Shilling !!!

    I agree BANNER and a fantastic find. Awesome Toasted!!
  6. Best Find Recently and Restoration

    They were attached to the plane by a cable and the pilot had to pull it. These are found in 6 - 8 foot of water.
  7. Best Find Recently and Restoration

    Here is a find you don't see every day and I just got it back restored. You are looking at a Mark 1 practice bomb. First American bombs dropped from airplanes. Jenny bi-planes to be exact. Circa 1917. I find these in lake St Clair in Michigan. Found two this year. This is the first one...
  8. What has ScubaDetector Been Up To?

    I don't exactly know if she wanted it but got it 20 years ago. Didn't know if she lost it in her boat slip or at the gas dock. I found it in 17 foot of pitch black water at the gas dock. Season was wonderful thank you. i got more satisfaction and money than I would get off wild gold I...
  9. What has ScubaDetector Been Up To?

    Ron, I thought of that!! He wanted finds to show at the Made in America trade show in Indiana. I told him I didn't think he waned a bomb as a find at the show. Even if it was a practice bomb, I DON'T think anyone thinking of buying one of these would be keen on possibly having it bring up...
  10. What has ScubaDetector Been Up To?

    Tested the prototype of a secret project yesterday. This monster has a 620lb magnet inside and we tested it on one of the beaches I hunt. Pulled up nails, bottle tops, and a few other pieces of junk. The scuba tank raises it to the surface after it is hovered and pushed along the bottom...
  11. Okinawa US military button

    Great seal button. Used from WW1 to present. Could have been lost in WW2
  12. Needle in Haystack or Diamonds in Muck?

    Thanks for the replies all. It has been super busy finding things for others this year so far. I have yet to get out on my own searching for gold. The water is still high and COLD. Weird spring so far. Soon I will be back to posting regular finds and having fun. I did buy a new toy this...
  13. Found this Metal detecting any clue what it is?

    I think you have graphite. Very light stones and you can write with it. I find them in lake Huron and some are huge. Yes my metal detector picks them up also.
  14. Coin Roll Hunting//Bank Find... Jackpot!

    FOUR 5 gallon buckets? Each bucket would weigh over 250lbs if full. That would be a thousand pounds of coins. Incredible.
  15. 1 ounce of gold

    Amazing bling
  16. Needle in Haystack or Diamonds in Muck?

    Thanks. I dove so much this weekend it wasn't funny. I put 2335.00 in the bank from gifts for finding their lost items for just the weekend. I want to get out and play. Just hasn't got warm enough here. Will post more soon.
  17. Needle in Haystack or Diamonds in Muck?

    Got a text today about a diamond ring they THOUGHT might be in the water but were not sure. Asked if I was available today if I was needed. Said yes. A while later they said I was needed. They searched the boat and parking lot and couldn't find the ring. I am thinking great, my first fail...
  18. What tyo do till it stops raining!

    Put on my wetsuit and enjoy any lake I can laying on the bottom detecting
  19. Monster Chain and Mariners Cross

    Yes it was sold. Sorry for not posting. Forgot I posted here
  20. CRAZY Week so Far!

    I was well compensated for the adventures I post. I am quite happy. I bought her two new tanks and a BC. She needs a regulator and we are searching tomorrow. I totally agree. I couldn't read the inside and I have found many many tungsten rings with my CZ-21.