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  1. Gold for Christmas??

    Pending on 1/4 Eagle. 1/2 Eagle moved to Ebay
  2. Selling my gold.

    What I have!!!
  3. Selling my gold.

    Where can I sell my gold? Other than ebay..
  4. Gold for Christmas??

    Different pictures The 1882 1/2 Eagle I'm asking $390.00 The 1851 1/4 Eagle I'm asking $260.00.
  5. Gold for Christmas??

    No They are not dug coins. And the pics were taken with my iphone.
  6. Gold for Christmas??

    For some reason I had problems getting both sets of pics in 1st post Here is the 1/4 Eagle
  7. Gold for Christmas??

    I have 2 Gold coins I'd like to sell. 1st The 1851 1/4 Eagle I'm asking $260.00. The 1882 1/2 Eagle I'm asking $390.00 As you can see they are both Beautiful pieces . I prefer Paypal Friends and Family for payment. Thanks for looking and Merry Christmas
  8. Diamond Plate Copper Sheet??

    Still quite a bit still in the ground. Bent and folded up. Was time to leave so left it
  9. Diamond Plate Copper Sheet??

    Really curious what this could have been used for.
  10. 🥇 BANNER Gold Coin!!

    Congrats on your rare find!! HH
  11. I'm thinking it's a .32 cal

    I haven't been hunting regular in a long time; But I got out and about the last 2 days as the weather was nice. Today I found this little bullet and it stuck me when I retrieved it that it was a .32. Chime in if have an idea.. It ranges form .296 - .288 inches in diameter and its .4875 inches...
  12. Milspec Gear

    Ok thought everyone would understand I am talking about “Milspec Metaldetecting” gear that is no longer being made. Digger sheaths . Pouches and backpacks. Etc.
  13. Milspec Gear

    Anything that was made basically
  14. Civil war relic in San Diego!

    That's exactly what I like to find!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!
  15. Quick hunt with the daughter

    Great job!! wish I had a Shield nickel..
  16. 🥇 BANNER King James Hammered Silver Sixpence

    Wish I had that kinda' History in the ground here!!! Congrats!!!!!
  17. ✅ SOLVED brass relic

    I believe CBG nailed it!!