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  1. Old carriage road find

    Depending on size and flattend shape, possibly a bent frame to a daguerotype
  2. ✅ SOLVED Copper Arrow Head ? Glorieta Pass Area NM

    Neat find Lineman. Based on the tiny bit of information I have read about these objects, I'd guess ones exactly like your's found in the New Mexico Territory were more likely "tinklers" (decoration) than points. If you look at other copper points from the South West it seems they were splayed...
  3. My best hunt yet

    Nice silver and Indians OldDude. Any cast iron pistol is a fun score too, especially when it's a Kilgore G-man luger
  4. How old? Is it military?

    Agreed, and I'd go out on a limb and venture to say it's post Continental Navy, and probably a 1797 officer's sleeve button privately designed and produced. We often forget that there was no real standardization of these first officer's buttons, except "they must be flat, yellow, and show a...
  5. Strange Large Cent Find. Any ideas?

    Spun for a button I think. I found a George like that once, but more crudely lathe spun.
  6. Old Hopf Violin Attack Find.Please Help With Possible Era Or Location Made.

    I'm sure you've already googled Hopf violins and know that some of them can be very rare. A detached finger board and bridge sure don't seem like a big enough deal not to treat this old girl with some deserved TLC. Your friend should check the bow for a signature also, as occasionally a fine...
  7. Old Button?

    Pretty impressive i.d. with little to go on but design:thumbsup:
  8. Old Brass Piece

    might be a keyhole cover

    As the elephant was the maskot for the Duke of Wellington's regiment, that angle might be worth persuing regarding the Crimea and the buckle? Perhaps it was worn by the 33rd to commemorate their action during the war?
  10. Obviously a nail, but its purpose?

    As you probably know, many of these older squre nails were of local manufacture and sometimes can be identifiable if you compare notes with other properties around your's. For instance Henry Chapman Mercer wrote a whole booklet a hundred years ago on identifying numerous types of nail heads just...
  11. How OLD is this stamp or wax seal???

    Hello. As it isn't iron, what will also be very telling is a side image to see if it is constructed as one piece or two layers, the bottom layer being an extremely dense blackened wood which could be very hard to distinguish from the top. As far as the red is concerned, you might consider taking...
  12. Brass Horn??

    I was hoping ear trumpet too, especially considering the age of the place, but unfortunetly I found the thing would be pointing in the wrong direction. I agree with teapot spout.
  13. How OLD is this stamp or wax seal???

    Thank you. It might help if you photographed the side of the relic to get an idea of what it's origin might be (unlikely a seal would have been manufactured out of iron...have you put a magnet to it?). Also, if you have time, please make a little stamp or impression of the thing, for instance...
  14. 1970s "gas station" tokens?

    Good story CincinattiKid. Sound advice too, and I'll add, always check those flat button backmarks too! Good huntin
  15. How OLD is this stamp or wax seal???

    Hi Quindy. Are you sure it's a "Y", maybe a"'V", "W" or "M"? It looks from the picture that it was mounted on a wood back like the zinc faced printing blocks they use in newspapers? Is it mounted on wood? If so, it may be a printing block possibly scavanged to use as a seal.
  16. Odd clip of some kind?

    I have no idea either, but there are two things about it that might identify it: The wire portion is of the same design as the kind of older devices that would hold/store a rake, mop, shovel handle betweeen the springs, only this is a little smaller. The clip portion could have slid onto...
  17. bronze whatzit

    Ha, okay my friend, it's not a propeller shaft. Just for the record, old bronze propeller shafts do "gradually grow larger from one end to the other" repeat they "grow larger from one end to the other"
  18. bronze whatzit

    Bronze was a common metal for the earlier shafts, but if you think the splayed end was castI guess it eliminates that possibility.
  19. bronze whatzit

    Another possibility could be the cut off end of a bronze propellor shaft. It might explain the bronze metal. Here's an example of the general shape of a prop shaft. . I think the poster was right, who said that this is part of a shaft which was repurposed as a punch...
  20. bronze whatzit

    It almost looks like it could serve as a bronze kingpin held down with a nut and stationary with a key and spline?