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  1. Anybody ever do any hunting in Myrtle Beach

    Yes, I did a road trip there a couple of years ago and I had some decent success on the rural route coming down to myrtle beach from Carolina. It just takes one bank and a couple of solid rolls to make your day. That is what happened with me. I did good but again that was a while ago. Many...
  2. $700 worth of Ikes

    I usually sell them in lots of 25 or more and you can usually get twice the face value but then have to pay ebay fees. It is worth it in large lots. Good luck. Golden Silver
  3. new to coin hunting

    Well, since you are already here I will share some pearls of wisdom. First, it depends on what you are after. If you are after old copper then continue searching penny rolls. If you are after silver this is the order in which you should be searching. The best luck you will have is with half...
  4. Half Dollar hunting on National Geographics "Doomsday Preppers"

    Slow and steady wins the race boys. I have been at this since 2007 but there have been guys even on this forum that have been at it since the 70 or 80's. I can't imagine what their pile of silver must look like. Obviously somebody wants the secret out so that no one will see the point in doing...
  5. Summers Almost Here, Time for a Haircut and Silver Pr0n!

    Seems like 14 may not take silence for an answer. Beware and take care. Awesome hook up with the coins though. How were the boxes...not as good I would imagine. Golden Silver
  6. Feeling Lonely - need a CRH buddy (serious)

    I coin roll hunt with my father and dread the day when he leaves this earth. I am almost 33. If that tells you anything. I say find some common ground with your Dad and make it happen soon. Golden Silver
  7. Todays totals 28 boxes

    I found a Canadian half a couple of weeks ago in great shape. It was a 1962 and smaller than an american half. Golden Silver
  8. This weeks totals 40 boxes

    TimZim is still at it! Great finds. Golden Silver
  9. Feeling Lonely - need a CRH buddy (serious)

    Garoulady, I am glad that you found a friend to enjoy this with. When I first started this addiction I would take my wife with me but she soon grew tired of it. She was still ok with me going by myself and that was fun for a while but then I got home sick after spending days on the road. Then I...
  10. Central Virginia dime boxes

    This would explain why I kept getting skunked on my latest trip to central Va! LOL You guys are swarming around that area. I kept hearing oh someone just came in and got ours yesterday. I can't believe how much this hobby has grown in a few years. Wow. Golden Silver
  11. This weeks totals 48 boxes!

    Good to see you are still at it TIMZIM. Albeit I think last we talked you were doing a bit more volume. LOL. What happened? 48 boxes is that it? Those are some good finds. Take care. Golden Silver
  12. Huge, Busy Hunt Today with Extremely Modest Results...

    It can be like that sometimes. I did roughly the same thing yesterday but lucked out at the last bank. I ended up with 1 40% and 11 silver rosies. Not bad. The good thing was that it was all on my route home. Golden Silver
  13. Good day - Finally!

    Great finds. That open ended half dollar roll was a dead give away. Congrats. Golden Silver
  14. IKE ordering for real?

    I might try at my new bank. I have only hear of a handful of guys able to get them and a couple of them are no longer on the forum. Kevinbomb I am interested to know how you went about getting your bank to order them. PM me if you would like to share. Chances are there is no silver but you never...
  15. Just dumped $500.00 (50,000) pennies

    It is called a dump for a reason. I am chuckling to myself right now. I have to say the bank asked for it.... LOL Golden Silver
  16. Full rolls of 2002 Kennedy??

    You might get a buyer on ebay since they seem almost uncirculated but they are easy to come by so don't expect too much of a profit. Ike dollars are harder to come by and people buy them not necessarily for their value but their novelty. Golden Silver
  17. Re rolling halves why spend the time

    WilmingtonSilver explained my thoughts on why people do it. Not everyone has access to coin counters. I have often wondered if would be a hastle to do. Wilmington you don't by chance mark S on the rolls you pulled silver out of do you? I got a box of those the other week. Golden Silver
  18. oh my god.

    That is a very nice find my friend. What hurts though is missing the ones the bank sent away. But for those of us who order boxes that is how we find the silver. Great profit and that is what it is all about profit and the thrill of the hunt. Golden Silver
  19. Is $10 per penny box good?

    Seems like too much work for little return in my opinion Golden Silver
  20. Back in the MIX guard your silver!!

    Thanks for the warm welcome back guys. It is good to be back hunting for silver. HH Golden Silver