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  1. Tourmaline from Sweden

    Ahhh sorry for the late reply. I thought I had replied and now found out I hadn't. South Sweden/Småland is my general area. And yeah I figured they'd probably be from the Varuträsk area. :icon_thumleft: Just not a whole lot of other places you find such fine specimens of tourmaline. (or I just...
  2. Cool little morning hike find...

    I'd be tempted to have such a piece essayed and check out the general area further.
  3. Wisconsin moonstone (short video of the schiller)

    Very nice! I believe the effect in moonstone isn't technically called shiller, but Adularescence.:icon_thumright:
  4. What is it??

    Glass or quartz.
  5. Help identifying??

    I second what Kray said.
  6. Tourmaline from Sweden

    The blue tourmalines are stunning for being from Sweden. We don't get tourmalines all that often. :)
  7. Please identify this rock

  8. Conglomerate or Braccia help

    Some of them look volcanic. E.g. Tuff.
  9. interesting composite coal like rock with white veins and gold streaks in lake Erie

    Looks kinda like a mudstone. I know it had a specific name, but cant remember right now.
  10. Auriferous Blacksand Under the Microscope.Please assist me in IDing the minerals

    Nearly impossible I fear. With over 4000 minerals known to man it's hard even when you can do some typical tests. Microscopic pieces are near impossible to ID for the hobbyist.
  11. Need Help With ID

    Some kind of quartz/chalcedony with inclusions? Break of a small piece - need to see what luster it has.
  12. Ammonite and Datolite with quartz specimens

    You'd need to know origin to estimate value.
  13. Need help identifying.

    I second this.:icon_thumleft:
  14. how did this pattern form?

    Probably some form of host-rock rich in iron minerals which either gave it this pattern via metamorphosis. Or it's a outside layer related to how water tends to travel on the outcrop, oxidizing the iron minerals. I'd break of a piece and have it essayed for fun. And that way you'll know if this...
  15. egg shaped object within rock

    Could be a concreation.
  16. Take a look and tell me what you think. very cool find!

    I'd be inclined to think glass.
  17. Hmmmmmmm.... Solid Silver or Platinum Rock ?

    I'm also inclined to think Mica.
  18. Help me identify this rock please?

    I concur. Jasper.
  19. Curious what this is...

    I'm inclined to think Flourite.
  20. Quartze conglomerate?

    Hard to say. A close up picture of the "cement" holding it together would help.