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  1. This will get your blood pumping!

    Wow! What a find!
  2. lets all say a prayer for Ray

    I spoke with him in Sept also and he's out and about doing Nugget Shooting lessons.
  3. Native American Fleshing tool?

    It fits almost perfecting in my right hand. Seems to be formed very intentionally.
  4. Hand Dredges legal in CA!

    Our mining association just notified us that the CA Fish and Wildlife just legalized "hand powered suction devices". Anyone else hear about this? If it's true, it's very exciting news for recreational miners here.
  5. Reading placer flakes

    I was hoping you'd say the deposit is directly above where I found it. :laughing7: The creek was heavily dredged and there are some placer mines about 4k ft upstream that run into this creek.
  6. Reading placer flakes

    I've been thinking about a spot on a creek that I was crevicing a little while back. I got some pretty good flakes out of this one crevice. As I learn more and more about prospecting, and finding the source, I had to go back and look closely at the gold I found there. The majority of them are...
  7. trash or treasure

    How funny! I should have taken a picture of it, but I found a can exactly like that one yesterday on a hunt. I thought it was possibly a cigar container.
  8. Phantom signals

    Yea, a water source is key for him also. I took him out to SMPA's new claim on Rush Creek yesterday and he was fine for six hours just digging, throwing rocks and hunting with his bow and arrow. He didn't want to leave. He doesn't have the attention span or patience to process a whole pan...
  9. Phantom signals

    I going to give this a try. The association has a new claim we're checking out next weekend. This morning I tried to get up to an old mine, but there was way too much overgrowth to reach it. I spent my time along a dirt service road, where all I found was more lead and rust. Some old...
  10. justifying detector cost

    I've finally found a hobby that can make me money, rather than throwing it at car parts and never recouping. Anything that gets me off the couch, away from the TV and outdoors is money well spent in my opinion.
  11. Phantom signals

    That bird shot was driving me crazy. More so than hot rocks and soil. I guess if I can find shot that small, I should be finding gold.
  12. Phantom signals

    I got a chance to get out early this morning to try my luck. No gold. Just old bullets. But I am becoming more comfortable with deciphering targets from mineralization. The ground was super hot. I spent most of the time progressing from the 3rd to the 7th setting. I wanted to rely on the...
  13. Phantom signals

    I sure hope I am too! I've recently received a promising tip on some good gold baring ground nearby. I'm planning on getting out there this weekend to check it out. At least that's the plan unless theres a fire, or the smoke from the current fires around us keep me indoors. This summer is...
  14. Phantom signals

    That meter is another enigma that I'd like to understand better. I can obviously see that when I get a stronger tone, the meter shows a larger reading. But what throws me off is that it bounces between ferrous and non ferrous, even when I'm over gold. It's only when it's an extremely strong...
  15. Phantom signals

    Thanks for all the great info and encouragement fellas. I can see why people get metal detectors and quickly get rid of them after becoming so frustrated by all these small but important details that can make all the difference. Learning all of this only makes me want to get out there that...
  16. metal detecting on navigable water through private property CA I was looking into this as well and this is what I found. It's really quite ridiculous just how much they're splitting hairs in my opinion. Most of the creeks and rivers near me are...
  17. Rocky Mountain Gold

    Incredible! Way to go!
  18. Phantom signals

    I was switching from Auto to 10 on those phantom signals also. Of course the signal would come back strong on 10, but I kept assuming it was mineralized soil, so I would just go back to Auto. I haven't been swinging in Auto+ at all. I didn't read the description well enough at first to...
  19. Phantom signals

    I mostly use the first auto setting as well. I guess that leads me to another question. Maybe a stupid one. I notice when in the auto mode when it does ground balance out a signal. Sweeping over mineralization and the signal fades away. But can this happen with an actual target? I want to...
  20. Phantom signals

    I've got a Gold Monster 1000 that I'm still getting used to. I've become more comfortable with sensitivity settings based on the ground I'm sweeping. I don't have any problem identifying hot rocks now. They suck. But here is what I can't figure out. I will sometimes get a very strong signal...