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    So you flushed an entire, long, interesting, multi-participant discussion of authentic Native American (you know, the guys who made the artifacts) history because you (or somebody) found "politics in it. Well, you can probably find "politics" in nearly anything if you're determined enough to...
  2. Thoughts

    Flake Cores
  3. Thoughts

    From the perspective of 35+ years of studying exactly such stuff, to the near exclusion of "points" (Jack Webb voice: "Just the tools, Ma'am"): People virtually disable themselves from understanding NA tools by focusing on "arrowheads" early on. Once the assumption is established that...
  4. FUGIO CENT! Ok folks. A bucket lister I didn’t know even existed and some advice needed

    Doesn't electrolysis reverse corrosion and put metal back on again ?
  5. is this platinum nugget?

    It does. But wouldn't aluminium oxidize white ?
  6. Worked?

    Worked. And used hard -- quick and dirty ad hoc ("expedient") piece, discarded after one-time task was accomplished. MO, FWIW.
  7. ✅ SOLVED Need the gun experts to give me their thoughts.

    Haven't the patience to wade through the above. The drum on the barrel shows it was a caplock, so it could not date much before 1825 -- in its final form, at least.
  8. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Carved Jade Medallion

    Probably some jade lookalike stone.
  9. Tn Dalton

    Superb !!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Couple of good finds in West Texas

    I don't recall ever seeing a chert marble before. And so small !
  11. 5 lbs. Silver nugget.

    Not even tarnished ?!?!?!
  12. Hello guys, This is a rabbit shape rock with signs. can you please help me decode it? It would be very much appreciated.

    People are completely unable to distinguish the pictures in their minds from the realities those pictures represent. So much so that they believe the picture catalogue to be reality itself. Problem is GIGO -- garbage in --> garbage out. " I never saw one/that isn't in any book I ever read"...
  13. Possibly horse toy or carving.

    I like it. FWIW
  14. Native American Stone Axe Head

    IMO, JD there is an extrememy knowledgeable and straight-arrow honest buyer/seller. FWIW
  15. Native Buzzard in Ireland

    I believe you've made your point already, RC, and made it well. As long as the point of reference is ornithology, your contention is admittedly unassailable. But the assumption embedded in it, that because your usage is correct in your context it should, on that basis, be imposed on everyone --...
  16. Native Buzzard in Ireland

    "Only by people who don't know the difference. A buzzard is no vulture." Fine, Jim. (Not that this is probably worth wrangling over): in your [officially correct] linguistic sphere, a redbird is a "cardinal." In my vernacular one, (assuming you have them out there), your "goldfinch" is a...
  17. Native Buzzard in Ireland

    Looks like I've been educated :) In the states, a buzzard is a vulture. Live and learn !