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  1. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Is this a civil war id tag

    thanks for the info
  2. Very nice silver

    yes it does
  3. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Is this a civil war id tag

    I saw a post on here of someone finding a civil war id tag and it looked like one I found I thought it was just an old Boy Scout tag or something can’t make out anything on the front the back seems to be filled with lead or something else I did find a U.S. calvery rosette in the same area thanks...
  4. Bonfire on the beach

    wow thats awesome
  5. Very nice silver

    Was a slow day but found a few keepers 1899 barber 44 and 17 wheat thanks for looking
  6. Civil War Identification Tag, 1812 button and more

    very nice finds how was the badge atached to there coat.can you take a pic of the back.I found one just like that and figured it was just a boy scouts or something
  7. Nice button

    looks in good shape
  8. Best silver day yet!

    wow thats awesome
  9. Yesterdays finds

    Went out yesterday to an old colonial rd it’s in the middle of the woods now but made a few was a beautiful day put my lunch and a couple beers in my back pack and sat in the middle of the woods ate lunch and had a cold one don’t get much better than that thanks for looking
  10. Beginners Luck! Unbelievable Cache Found

    wow thats awsome
  11. Quality Over Quantity

    very interesting ring Ill be watching hopefully with help from here it can be identified cool find
  12. Rare 1859 seated dime

    wow good shape very nice
  13. Counterfeit Peace Dollar x2 & interesting finds at new old site

    yes pretty cool you can still see the picture what a good hunt
  14. hunting question

    It may have been used before 1700 but I have no proof of that
  15. hunting question

    thanks for the info this road never saw a car its was in use 17 and 1800.was abandoned. by late 1800
  16. hunting question

    I have a long stretch of colonial rd thats in the woods now that I want to detect.Its about a miles long.I look back on all the colonial rd that ive detected in the past and most of my finds were on the edge of the rd to about 20 yards out.looking back 90% of my finds were on the side not in the...
  17. Getting tired of false signals...

    lots of good info thanks for posting
  18. ??? on manticore

    yes i feel like its time to up grade from the 600 Ive spent way more on other hobbies over the years that just cost me money that never payed me back anything.Although I never have sold anything Ive found I could.The price to me is not much to pay for all the enjoyment that comes from it.Thanks...
  19. ??? on manticore

    thanks thats what Im seeing on the vids that are out there Mckinney Im thinking ill see how they perform till the end of summer then get one .I would love to hear some more in put from owners.