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  1. Roger Snow, formerly of Las Cruces, NM

    Sorry to see this. Mr. Snow sure had some interesting stories. R.I.P.
  2. DOC NOSS-Victorio Peak OR The Caballo Mountains

    You're ahead of the curve as usual. Agreed, it's a game-changer for researchers. Especially when it has access to (AKA "trained" on) curated datasets like the thousands upon thousands of research papers currently locked behind paywalls like and ResearchGate, or all the history...
  3. Gold, lies, & Video tape , What do you think?

    Binge-watched all 5 episodes in 2 nights 📺:headbang: After watching the first episode I thought OK there's nothing new here, I've read about all this before etc but meeting the personalities of the "Peak team" and their struggles with the excavation itself made it interesting enought to...
  4. Unusual and Very Different Account

    I just finished watching the Netflix "Gold Lies and Videotape" and it shows that Noss did indeed claim Geronimo Peak. Doc left his wife for a few years and returned to find her continuing the excavation. Evidently the real reason he was on Geronimo Peak was it gave him the best vantage point to...
  5. Unusual and Very Different Account

    This articles author seems to be the same Orren Beatty who was a distinguished figure in NM agricultural history and later worked as Assistant to the Secretary of the Interior under Kennedy & Johnson.
  6. Metal detectors may become obsolete

    Okay so the human race will likely become extinct before this actually happens but a extremely rare and peculiar binary neutron star system was recently discovered. According to astrophysicists, these unimaginably dense stars can create a 'kilonova" which is a miraculous event where billions of...
  7. Treasure Mountain, CO - Lost Frenchmens Gold

    (To Atfinder) Count me in too ! Really enjoyed watching your YouTube videos. Beautiful countryside you have out there and one day I hope to hike and explore the mountain. Until then, your video diaries, Cyzak, UncleMatt, and other's photos fuel the imagination ! 🙏🤘
  8. Lue Map

    Wow.. there's certainly a resemblance!
  9. Lue Map

    I still think a sundial is depicted on the map. sdcfia said someone else put forth this idea in detail some years ago but if haven't found their post on TreasureNet yet, perhaps it was on another website forum. The "surveyor's tools", as some have called them, in the top-right quadrant are...
  10. Lue Map

    Wrought iron S shapes were pretty common on tall brick buildings of the period; used for supporting the wall, especially chimneys.
  11. Lue Map

    so what do you think the LUE is ? Seems like even KVM wasnt sure, or his ideas about it evolved over time. It's an Aztec treasure hoard, or mine, or a number of caches. Given the history of gold, coal, and mineral mining in that NM-CO border region and the number of surveyors, geologists...
  12. Lue Map

    Thanks.. I think I see it, maybe. This photo is by Brice Shirbach, a professional mountain biker from the East coast. Was the rock effigy on this specific bluff or escarpment captured in the photo already known to petroglyph hunters, or did you discover it while looking for photos of the area...
  13. Lue Map

    Point Hunter , you've posted some interesting stuff here. Can you please circle or highlight the directional sign ? Having trouble seeing it. Thanks!
  14. Lue Map

    I think it was Randy who said the treasure magazines, like the pulp sci-fi/adventure periodicals, capped the number of articles printed per author. Of course that doesn't explain why he continued to use the pseudonyms long after he'd established his own publishing companies. Maybe to throw...
  15. Help with this piece of art work

    im sure that name led you to discovering more about the artist but just in case .. i found this
  16. I need help with these signs, if possible books to decipher Jesuit signs.

    curious, what country were these photos taken ?
  17. Smallin Civil War Caves, MO
  18. Caves exposed by Midwest drought

    I can only dream of having something like this on my property
  19. "The Lue Map and the Nazi Connection -2. Continuation of the topic." The adventure novel the film was based on was published in 1963 - a bit late for a Nazi spy plot ?
  20. LUE clue...the Obit of Hardrock Hammond

    Anyone got or have read this book by HRM's wife ?