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  1. ✅ SOLVED Farm junk?

    plow part maybe the gunnel , the square hole accepts a plow bolt , still used today.
  2. Uniontown Pennsylvania Hidden Treasure retrieval (legalities)

    so it's ok to dig a hole to bed a trap but it's not ok to dig a hole to recover a penny dropped by a hunter from years gone by. I buy an access pass for Virginia state forests , with this pass I can hunt,trap , fish ,hike, forage, ride a bike or even a ground destroying horse but I can't pan for...
  3. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Old farm dump - antique hood ornament?

    looks like a wall mounting flag pole bracket
  4. ✅ SOLVED Been Finding These For Years - What Are They ?

    it looks like a pump organ reed
  5. Food from the forest .

    this little guy was laying next to my garden gate , still very wobbly on his feet , this is part of my forest food bank and the rabbits are everywhere.

    you mean smart crows.
  7. ✅ SOLVED Steel button from this morning. Can’t read the script.

    too blurry for my old eyes.
  8. Teknetics 2 and the Gold Seekers machines on eBay??

    don't waste money on Ebay knock off junk . if you want the real thing shop with one of our sponsored dealers found by scrolling down the menu page. I have the t-2 se and it was way more than ebays price when I got it years ago.
  9. Old lead?

    looks like a rifled shotgun slug to me.
  10. Replying to Old Threads

    just click on it , easy to understand , it's a membership go fund me kinda deal .
  11. Replying to Old Threads

    I agree , it should have been worded many are new member , I see a few long time members doing it too. I've joined in when the threads revived and a few post are added and I fail to see the revival date.
  12. Replying to Old Threads

    I think you'll find those who reply to the very old post are new members researching a find and don't take notice of the age of the post.
  13. Replying to Old Threads

    bringing up old threads can be useful , several years ago a person joined this forum on July 22-2022. his name was Jackrats and he joined for the sole purpose of identifying the mystery E disk " button that went unsolved here for YEARS . Jackrats replied to a Dec 5 -2018 post and ended the...
  14. Here is an IDEA I am going to try1 WRISTCOACH

    I dig all non ferrous and large iron .
  15. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED This afternoon’s hunt.

    looks alot like this fence stretcher
  16. Are You A Scavenger?

    I've been dragging stuff home since I was old enough to leave the yard with my little red wagon in tow. I find some value in almost anything . what I don't want gets sold online or at the scrap yard.
  17. Banners and what are these

    Banners are recognition of an outstanding find. the item found is ran on a banner across the top of the page.
  18. Looks suspicially like an iron buckle

    it's an old buckle but I wouldn't go so far as to identify it a civil war relic , looks like horse related tack to me and could have belonged to anyone who owned horses back in those days which was most people.
  19. ✅ SOLVED Possibly a alarm bell cover

    looks like a fishing reel part to me.