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  1. 2023!! 13th Annual Treasure Hunters Cookout and Reunion

    What more can you say?
  2. Salvor6

    Get in touch with me at the cookout.

    Get in touch with me at the cookout.
  3. What ever happened to the Amelia Island Research?

    Jason, are you going to the cookout?
  4. What ever happened to the Amelia Island Research?

    Thanks for the update. I stand corrected.
  5. What ever happened to the Amelia Island Research?

    I heard the state cancelled Scott Thompson's permit on the Jupiter wreck.

    The 12th annual Treasure Hunters Picnic will be held on April 29 at the Pennwood Lodge in Sebastian, Florida. I called John Redman and left a message but he never responded. Same with Bill Black. John and Bill you need to get your $hit together and make a formal announcement and start answering...
  7. Cape Canaveral Shipwreck finds

    Black Duck, why don't you do as I do and become a pirate? I don't need no steenking permit.
  8. Cape Canaveral Shipwreck finds

    Why not incorporate your company as a non-profit 501-c3 organization and put all your finds in a museum. Then sell some of the finds as excess inventory. The Metropolitan Museum of New York does that every year.

    Is your restaurant still open?
  10. Can you help a brother out?

    I'll give you a good tip. Six of the 11 ships of the 1715 fleet have not been found. It is believed that they are located further offshore (5 to 10 miles) off the east coast of Florida. There is a wealth of research available online.
  11. Charge them up!

    I already have a group going over there Thursday.
  12. Gasparilla !!!

    Unfortunately Dell passed away a few years ago.
  13. Bob Marx list

    In Marx's book he lists the 1605 fleet as wrecked on the Seranilla Banks. He said he visited the site and collected artifacts that date to that time period. We now know that the 1605 fleet sank 100 miles from there.
  14. Is it legal to tow magnetometer

    Jolly Mon I have also had good luck with super glue on PVC parts.
  15. Is it legal to tow magnetometer

    The Proton 3 body is PVC. Just use PVC cement. I did that to the block that holds the cable and it works great.
  16. Is it legal to tow magnetometer

    I have been towing my mag all over the Gulf coast for years.
  17. Mystery find. Gold nails?

    Instead of guessing, I can tell you an easy way to find out what it is: pull one out and take it to a jeweler to have it tested.
  18. Cortes galleon shipwreck

    Bob, if you find a gold coin underwater just don't tell anyone and you can keep it.
  19. Seeking Advice on Shipwreck Discovery

    Fisheye do you have a link to that web site?
  20. Dade Battlefield

    Went there last weekend with heavy equipment to dig down deep. Isaac our satellite guy said it is 15 feet deep.