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  1. Raspberries..

    Thank you soo much! I do too!
  2. Raspberries..

    Ugh,this size thing gets on my nervs,anyhow. This,yet again,is a picture of one of my raspberry patches,it takes up 4 acres of my parent's land and I can get about 10 buckets a year.
  3. Penpaling is....Awesome!

    I think it's quiet interesting that you guys think I'm not that old fashioned?? I think my generation is starting to go too far in my opinion,I recently went back to public school. I've seen everyone's attitude towards adults,I don't like it one bit,I would be kicking teenager butt if I was one...
  4. Penpaling is....Awesome!

    You know,I hear that allot on the site. I was wondering what it was,really to me,it sounded really slow. I thought maybe it was a style of writting where you write for several days before sending back the responding letter. Of coarse now I understand it, even knowing the title doesn't really...
  5. Penpaling is....Awesome!

    I have to say,so far I've had some fun with the hobby. I use a website called,I send many emails talking about myself and my hobbies.. So far I have gotten one letter from a girl in Kansas,her name is Bethany. I've written back to her,not a very long letter than what I like to...
  6. Can you find it?

    Yes it is! Very good!
  7. Can you find it?

    This next one is "boyishly strange". :icon_profileright: 38° 22.061'N 81° 39.937'W
  8. Can you find it?

    Yep,very good,it's interesting to me how people will build such things in the middle of no where.. ???
  9. Do you want to trade?

    You are my hero! 2,800 miles is quite far,one of my dollars has been only about 300 miles from my home sadly. That's why I want to trade with people so maybe someone will find it in a further away location. I would be pretty happy to see one of my bills being hit in California or somewhere is...
  10. Can you find it?

    This is a Google Earth game,rules are quit easy. All you have to do is find the building or land object in which I list coordinates to. These coordinates will be off by a few feet,the trick is you just have to use your metal detecting eye! This will be really fun trust me. Here are some rules...
  11. Do you want to trade?

    I wanted to show you guys this bill,to show that yes,these babies can go far! You can be apart of the "Top dollar" chart! A GREAT honor on the forum. If you guys send me cash I guarantee that...
  12. Do you want to trade?

    You can do all bills,1,2,5,10,20,50,and 100 $ You can even do Canadian currency,I'm not sure why they called it Where's George when they allow all bills. They should rename it " Where's my money foo?"
  13. He Squores!

    Looks like he's praying to the nutt Gods,Acorn and Almond.
  14. Im thirsty,how about you?

    I'm thirsty,how about you? Why isn't there drink holders on our metal detectors? At leased have a container for cleaning our coins.. Actually I was thinking of a washer,kind of like a tube that pressurizes from an air pump from the battery supply in the detector,creating a water jet to scrub...
  15. Do you want to trade?

    I learned today that Where's George was made up by a guy so he can study our spending habits,also where all are money goes to. It was surprisingly useful,and people liked it so much they decided to make it public for everyone to do. So I think the Government has said " sure,why not,go ahead,it's...
  16. Oil..... Why wont anyone address this????

    It's more of the big business people lining their wallets for the month..
  17. Do you want to trade?

    He was in the sex pistols? Or is that a joke you all made up..? Do you know in West Test there was a small question and reading on the production of Where's George,I was sooo supprised!
  18. Do you want to trade?

    Ce n'est pas mon Google faute traduire ne parlent pas français, je vais apprendre le français à un moment donné.
  19. Do you want to trade?

    Lol, pourquoi disputez-vous de toute façon?Votre français non?
  20. Do you want to trade?

    Where's George? does not encourage the defacement of U.S Currency. If you choose to mark your bills, do so in a reasonable and prudent manner. Please see the FAQ page for the legal details, but remember, the bill must not be 'unfit to be re-issued.' If you deface the bills in such a manner that...