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  1. Newbie with a Brand New Simplex +

    Like Terry said, nothing beats learning a machine like swinging it. Good luck and welcome.
  2. Ohio Newbie

    Welcome aboard!

    Curious as to feedback on this unit to date?
  4. My Nokta Pin Pointer Review

    Best way to find out!:laughing7:
  5. My Nokta Pin Pointer Review

    The Nokta is truly a nice pointer and with the orange sleeve covers for visibility it is great. Main differences between it and it's sister pointer the Makro is the Nokta has more sensitivity settings and has a audible inactivity alarm and auto shutoff to save battery life.
  6. My Nokta Pin Pointer Review

    Sure it is, or suppose to be unless you had a defective one. I had the Makro before the Nokta and submerged it all the time. See Makro ad below: Makro Metal Detectors: Makro Pointer, waterproof pinpointer, best pinpointer, Design Turkey good design award!
  7. I feel for you southerners. Its Snowin

    Yeah buddy! Those fire ants are pesky and nothing like sitting on a river bank then taking a swim and stirring up the water moccasin nest and having to expertly negotiate yourself around them back to dry land. But hey, not here to argue cold vs. hot with my yankee bretheren. Come on down to...
  8. I feel for you southerners. Its Snowin

    I am sure not a regular occurrence like here in the south from June through September solid.
  9. The discussion of Deteknix Diamond Digger

    You could definitely hear her struggle a bit with the Deteknix over the Lesche. I do like the grip looks on the Det better but wonder if in time it will be as followed as the Les? I would be willing to try a Det out.
  10. I feel for you southerners. Its Snowin

    Yeah but you folks of the north can't handle humidity.....:laughing7:
  11. Anyone know where this place is near lake lure?

    You have permission?????
  12. Garrett AT Pro or ?

    Never discount a Tesoro Sand Shark if you are a beach hunter and especially in wet sand or surf. If you mainly hunt the dry sand then a multitude of VLF detectors would be great to include the AT. Good luck.
  13. new to the site

    Welcome homer!
  14. Makro pointer

    Great for I had one. Now I have the exact same pointer with more settings in the Nokta. I would opt for that one if I were you. Just my 2 cents!
  15. Headphones for AT Gold

    I can only comment on the time I had the wireless Gray Ghost for my Deus and I have to say they were very well made and the audio was wonderful. The only issue was for me, they fit tight to my head and would give me a slight tension headache with prolong use. I think if GG would use a soft...
  16. Tesoro for a beginner?

    I sold the Deus and ended up with a Fors CoRe. Don't get me wrong, the Deus is a very capable and programmable machine. Problem is for most, it has a long learning curve and one to fully get the most out of this machine does great to buy the book by Andy Sabisch and attend his one day school...
  17. Tesoro Compadre

    Just bought one myself for my daughter's birthday! I think you will like it. I certainly hope she does.
  18. Compadre arrived!

    Will do!
  19. Poweball 800 Million

    It's roughly about 40% taken out. But even at that and 800 million...............I will take 480 million for sure. I will start my own metal detecting retail sales business even if it operates in the red to do as fun!!!!!
  20. Tesoro for a beginner?

    If it were me and I were new to detecting and let me caveat this that I started out with a Garrett ACE 350. Was a great little machine but a tad busy for a beginner in my opinion. That said, and with the lifetime warranty and features, I would look to the Tesoro Cibola for a few reasons. It...