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  1. Polish one piece military button....I think...?

    Best photos I received
  2. Polish one piece military button....I think...?

    Thank you, TheCannonballGuy. I’ll get the contact that found it to photograph it better plus clean it up....[emoji41][emoji106][emoji631]
  3. Polish one piece military button....I think...?

    ToddsPoint....thank you, I’ll pursue this lead. A friend found this solid one piece button. My experience says one piece buttons are usually at least pre 1860s or so.
  4. What is this?

    If it is a Native American tool it would be for pounding hides or plant material for weaving baskets. Odds are it’s just an interesting shaped natural rock.
  5. Polish one piece military button....I think...?

    Found in the Marysville California area. I think I’m correct but want more information and confirmation. Thanks all.
  6. Old Airplane on stamped copper.

  7. Stocking Clip

    Found one....helps date site I just found...Thank you
  8. Old Airplane on stamped copper.

    Thank you Don, appreciate it. Found in Placer County Ca near Yuba, Placer, and Nevada county tri junction. My BIL found a 1856s. I found a 1868 and 1911 dime. Some assorted Indians and wheats. Site on a abandoned road. Was a trading post at on time.
  9. Old Airplane on stamped copper.

    My brother in law found this at a site in Northern California foothills. This site was along a once busy trail/road. No longer a road there. Site was a store and supposedly a trading post. Someone suggested it is a watch fob...? .
  10. DuPont powder flask, California gold field

    Still had paint on it. Dug a period steel can. Had paint on it, 1850, area in the high Sierras. Any info, details re flask, I’d be interested to learn more. Will add photo of old can.
  11. Last finds from 2019 silver, gold & swastica!

    Nice....the first photo....the ring is a “Black Hills” gold ring I believe...pretty sure...
  12. 🥇 BANNER 1849 Territorial Half Eagle

    Banner for sure, in Law and thanks for all you’ve taught me about this wonderful hobby....
  13. My Best Finds of 2019

    I also found a Swedish coin 2 weeks ago in the California gold rush region. 10 ORE.....1859...smallest coin I’ve ever found....
  14. DuPont Powder Flask

    Plumas county....was deep 12” or so. The Deus running pitch tone program “Calabash digger” 28k was on the north side of Middle Fork Feather River, on the high ground. Am Pleased...! The flask was so deep that paint was still on it. Last photo is a early can soldered type with paint still...
  15. California gold rush sites

    Much appreciated thanks all am very chuffed as they say in the UK...[emoji631][emoji256][emoji631]
  16. Josephine County, part of a survey tool??

    The area where this was found is remote and only the best Jeeps....wiling to get rock and road rash can go little modern trash, used a side by side to get to area
  17. Josephine County, part of a survey tool??

    Ok all standing bye for more info am intrigued and thanks all...dose seem a bit small for rile but plate...?
  18. Josephine County, part of a survey tool??

    Wow, I see it....!!! Incredible good eye you have...! I though maybe was for surveying ditch grade for mining water, I’m sure in these big ditch projects surveyors where involved. I’ll call it SOLVED. Thank you [emoji4]